DWR Field Guide – The American Bison

The American bison, commonly referred to as buffaloes, are North America’s
largest land-mammals. Bison once roamed all of North America and had an
estimated population of over 60 million. Bison were once symbolic of the
Great Plains and crucially important to native Americans, who would use their
meat, skin, fur and even the bones for their ways of life. Today, only a few
hundred thousand remain and can be found in national parks, preserves and
private ranches.

Bison are herbivores and spend the majority of their day eating grasses,
shrubs, twigs and sagebrush. They can reach a height of 6 feet and weigh
2000 pounds, but despite their enormous size, bison are quite agile and very
fast, they can reach speeds of around 35 mph.

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