Fish Tech Fishing Report for 10/01/2011

The temperatures are cooling down, but the fishing is heating up. Mick Andersen from Fish Tech presented this weeks fishing report. The fish are starting to move into shallow water where there is still a lot of moss; you need to be able to fish above this moss and here’s a few little tricks:

If you like to use power bait, put your sinker about 24 to 30 inches away and that will let it float up out of the moss or if you like night-crawlers, just try it with a bobber and hang it down and try to pick a depth that is going to keep it floating just slightly above where that moss is.

If you like tube-jigs and these are a lot of fun, try a smaller head on the big hook. That will let you cast out, it will keep it from sinking down too fast and getting down in the moss.

Spinners are great this time of year because spinners can be cast out and once you start to retrieve they don’t sink too much deeper. Cast and let them sink down just a bit and start to retrieve. Jake’s spin-a-lures, these always work, but they’re a little too heavy for the shallow water… Try a little Jake’s or a super-duper. Both of these can be fished the same way in the shallow water.

And my favorite is fly fishing, I really enjoy that so I’m going to switch to an intermediate which is a real slow sinking line or a type-two line and use your same favorite flies. For these tips or a whole lot more come on down to fish Tech and we’ll help you out.

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