Fishing Tourney Tagging at Flaming Gorge for Mack Attack and Burbot Bash


Fishing tournaments are coming to Flaming Gorge and tagging of prize-winning fish has begun! We get on the lake, both on water and ice, to catch and tag lake trout and burbot with the Wyoming Game and Fish and Buckboard Marina. The tagged fish are for the Mack Attack (January 14-15) and Burbot Bash (January 27-29). Both tournaments will help the fishery by removing invasive burbot and overpopulated lake trout pups. Come catch a tagged fish and win cash and prizes!


Mack Attack:

Burbot Bash:


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  • I went Saturday to hopefully pick up 600-1,000 pounds of unwanted burbot to take home from the Burbot Bash to fillet and grind the offal as chicken feedstock.

    I-80 east of Evanston was closed.

    Finally got to Buckboard Marina after dark.

    No Burbot of any value were available at any of the check stations.¡

    The endeavor was a useless bust.

    Thank You!
    Ryan Kelly &
    Staff at Buckboard Marina were very helpful.
    Patrick Perry
    A Worm’s Tale®

    Any and all Unwanted Burbot including offal are wanted and welcome
    Please text (385) 275-6910
    Downtown Salt Lake City Ut

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