KSL Outdoors: Fly Fishing at Strawberry

(TIM JENKINS, KI ASTON FOUNDERS TACKY FLY FISHING) Welcome to KSL Outdoors, I’m Adam Eakle and welcome to strawberry. You it’s fall right now, and everyone is thinking of hunting, but right now Tim and Ki with Tacky Fly Fishing it’s a great time to go fishing. Yeah and we have a unique opportunity to catch fish on mouse patterns. which is a pretty exciting thing. never done it. Ki have you? I’ve seen Tim do it. He’s our expert today. let’s go hit the water. sounds great.

Tim and Ki founded Tacky Fly fishing, a local start up company that specializes in durable fly boxes. We’ll show you them later in the show. Right now we are concentrating on finding fish cruising the shallows in search of prey. Hopefully interested in our mouse patterns.

(tim) There’s a rise right there.

Oh there’s one right here. yup,holy cow. he’s cruising. there’s another one over there.

(Tim Jenkins, Tackyflyfishing.com) So you try and get obviously as much distance that you can actually work it. like a streamer. but what you ultimately want is to make it look like a little mouse that is kind of doggy paddling through the water. so I like to put my rod under my shoulder, in my arm pit basically and use both hands to just make a little wake with the fly.

Once they hit you kind of strip set with one hand and do your best to grab the rod.

oh there he is, he’s on it, he’s got it. eat it, eat it!

Fishing at the Berry this fall has been spotting. More than likely because of the warm temperatures. The water temperature today is in the mid fifties. Once the water cools a bit more, the fishing should get better. We’ve had a few looks, but we didn’t have any takers, time to switch to some different techniques.

this one is not getting away. (tim laughs) not on one of those hooks that’s for sure. When you are unsure, grab a white tube jig. Or George over at Fish Tech was saying watermelon. This one is a nice cutty.

nice pretty healthy fish huh? beauty. oh we’ll take that all day.

it’s likely we can call them up a little easier with a big streamer. That’s fished just three or four feet below the surface as opposed to something sitting right on top.

what did you get him on? big ol streamer. no mice yet but a big streamer. nice fish. yeah.

we are throwing a streamers and big tube jigs just toward shore and we are pulling them back. a lot of these fish are just cruising close to the shore line and just looking for something easy they can pounce on.

You can also do it from shore.

(tim hook set) there we go! Good fish? yeah nicer fish. doubles. alright. That’s what we needed was some shade man.

I love it. you know these fish get a bad reputation for having much of a fight, but when the water cools off like it has. they get a little fiesty as they fatten up for winter. he doesn’t want to come in.

(net fish) nice fish. (tim) nice fish. pretty boy that’s one thing about them, they are a pretty fish.

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