<(Adam Intro) "Thanks for tuning into KSL Outdoors and boy do we have a fun filled show for you tonight. first off we are kicking off a new segment called if I can do it, so can you. we are very fortunate here in Utah to have so many activities you can do and for tonights show we are heading out with super fly to catch some air.">

<(Chris Santacroce, Super Fly, Sandy, Utah) "It's fun, safe, easy, not much is required of you, just let me know how you are liking it. if you want to stay up and fly for a long time, if you want to land real quick we can do that too. (Adam) I won't lie to you, I'm scared of heights. (Chris) so are so many people who come with us, they come out here to just challenge that. what they find out they are not afraid of heights, they are afraid of falling.">

I’m in awe every time I drive past the point of the mountain and look up at the para gliders and hang gliders soaring overhead. I’ve always wondered what the feeling was like, today, I’m going to find out.

<(Adam) "good wind today Chris? (Chris) "perfect, go ahead and buckle that one there. (Adam) "got it.">

My heart is racing as Chris straps me into the harness. He’s not giving me time to back out, that’s probably a good thing.

<(Chris) "we call that the chicken strap, you only hook it up if you are chicken. (Adam) well i'm tightening it up all the way then.>

<(Chris) no tangles, brake lines are free and clear. winds in our face. Does it still seem like a good idea? (Adam) I don't know, i see guys doing it and they are having fun, so why not." (Chris) Here we are in Feb, we've got a great north side wind, so somebody is smiling on us.">

<(Chris) if you were to describe that feeling when you get up in the air. I'd tell you, the best way i can describe it is it's like being born.>

<(Stacy Whitmore, Para-glider Pilot) "I had my first flight in 2003 and i thought this is it, i'm home. This is where I belong, just the feeling of freedom that you get, being able to control the third dimension the connection you feel with nature. The connection you feel with god. all of those things make it such an incredible experience.">

<(Chris) it's an awakening, it's really an amazing thing. i feel just blessed that i get to have a video camera facing the passenger when we take off and the emotion and change that goes on when we take those last steps into the air. is nothing short of magic you see the most pure smile that a person has ever smiled and this incredible sense of relief, just like you when you got in the air. OH, now they get it. Everybody wants to fly.>

<(landing) -looks a little fast, but it will slow down. (land) How awesome was that, woo. laughs that was so fun.">

<(Adam) "I'm not going to say i don't still have a fear of heights because i do. but that was very cool.>

<(D.C. Bateman, Saratoga Springs) (Adam) what is your favorite thing about it? (DC) escaping reality. I fly for a living and this is fun flying.>

<(Adam) "where did you learn how to do it?" (DC) "right here at the point of the mountain.">

<(Chris) you can't beat the point of the mtn. situated between the valleys and there is a bit of a flow that developes on a daily basis from one side to another. Tends to blow south in the morning, north in the afternoon on a typical day and it just so happens that we have these beautiful ridges that were formed by the former lake Bonneville and they are just perfectly shaped, right into the wind, drive to the take off, land right next to your car. we've got a state park on the south side and a county park on the north side thanks to the hard work of the folks in our club and the kindness of the folks here in Utah. We are just thrilled to have all of this to share.">

<(Chris) "if he can do it, so can you.">

<(Adam) "wow exhilarating and beautiful. it was everything I'd hoped it would be. Chris made me feel safe up there. felt like he was always in control. just a beautiful February day who would have thought. coming up on KSL Outdoors, we'll show you how you to can get involved with this sport. we'll have that in just a second but first tonights quiz.">

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