Snapshot of the Week: Feb. 6, 2016

We kick it off with a first for Tiff. Taylor’s mom Tiffany had the opportunity to hunt California Bighorn sheep in Utah’s Newfoundland Mountains. It was on the third day after some close calls the previous two when Tiffany connected on this great ram. Taylor was so proud of his mom and says it was a great experience sharing sheep camp with her and his dad Dave. A hunt Taylor will never forget.

Retired Wyoming fisheries biologist Bill Wengert shows off this beautiful Lake Trout he caught at the Gorge. Bill was a longtime biologist on the gorge. Now he spends his winters chasing the very fish he helped protect. This mack was 44 inches long and was released to fight another day.

Leon was driving a back road near Hyrum when he ran into these four big bulls taking in the rays on a Cache Valley bench. Leon says, it was a long shot with his camera, but well worth keeping.

Kiley is a lion hunter and recently purchased a new camera tp capture sights they sees on a regular basis, sights that most never see in their lifetime. Check out these shots of this tom, they caught just 50 yards off the main road in Blacksmith Fork Canyon. Kiley says, they’ve had a great year treeing lions on the Cache and Ogden units.

But our winner tonight had a great hunt with her dad. 15 year old Abbie Earl shows off her goat she took in Colorado. Abbie and her dad made about a half mile stalk to get within range of this nice speed goat. With two shots, Abbie claimed her second pronghorn to date. Dad Lane says, some of the best hunts are when you take the kids. No doubt and you took some great shots guys, that have now landed you our big prize for having the snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures or video, plus a brief explanation of your latest adventures online at The winner each week wins the new Strker stove from Camp Chef. Perfect for the ice or the backcountry.

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