Snapshot of the Week: May 9, 2015

We kick it off this week with 9-year-old Tyler’s first fishing trip to the Gorge. Tyler was on fire with the first three catches of the day on his birthday trip. They can’t wait to go again.

Lance thought he missed the ice off bite at Strawberry, but his two boys proved him wrong with two monster cuts caught within 20 minutes of each other. He said his boys out-fished him that day, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Between having a family, school and work, it’s hard for Kyson to get out and shed hunt. But on his second trip, he found this huge moose shed — then found a match on his next trip.

Jared and his son Cole had a very successful rabbit hunt in February. He never picked up a gun; he just followed Cole around holding his rabbits and ammo.

Wes took his daughters Lena and Brinley out for their first rabbit hunt. The girls had a great time, even posing with their dad’s bounty, making one cute shot and one big prize for having the Snapshot of the Week.

Click the video to see this week’s featured shots.

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