Utah Field Guide: Bear River State Park and Travel Information Center

Just off I-80 at exit six on the eastern edge of Evanston City is where you’ll find the Bear River State Park and Travel Information Center. Bear River state park is a year-round park that offers nearly 300 acres that are ideal for picnicking, hiking, wildlife viewing, group activities, bicycling, skiing, rollerblading, and a host of other activities.

(Kendra Cagle, Natural Resource Specialist, Bear River State Park) We have a captive herd of bison. there is 8 adults out there and four.

calves from this spring and then we also have two captive bull elk. A big 6X7 named “Boo” and a smaller 5 point named “Shadow”.

all together between the county’s property, the cities property and BRSP, we have about 15 miles of trails.

When we get enough snow though we have a sledding hill called the buffalo run sledding hill, so we get a lot of folks out here that like to sled. Also, if we get enough snow on our trails, we groom them and they cross country ski or snow shoe on the trail system.

The visitors center is more than just a place to get information. There are interpretive and educational displays representing all sorts of Wyoming wildlife, designed just for kids.

And we are bringing in more stuff all the time.

For more information about the park, check out their website the next time you head to Evanston for a getaway.

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