Utah Field Guide: Tundra Swan

Nesting across the high tundra of North America, the tundra swan holds true to it’s name. A long distance migrator, these birds spend the winter along both coasts of North America as well as a population that winters on the Great Salt Lake.

The tundra swan is a large, graceful bird. Its diet is varied, ranging from aquatic plants and insects to seeds, grains and tubers like potatoes in the winter.

The spring and fall are great times to view this magnificent bird and the fall, Utah is one of four states in the Pacific Flyway where tundra swans can be hunted. Hunters must first complete a one-time swan hunter orientation course before they can apply for a permit. The course is available at wildlife.utah.gov/swan.

The swan application period runs from Aug. 25th-Sept. 3rd, with drawing results posted Sept 16th.

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