Utah Field Guide: Waterfowl Slam

Are you a waterfowl hunter? Have you heard of the new DWR program called the Waterfowl Slam? Here’s how it works. You first purchase a Waterfowl Slam membership online or at any licensed agent. Twenty dollars for adults, ten for youth 17 and younger. Then, you simply pick one of seven slams or all of them, go hunt and try and complete the slam. There’s a Puddler Slam, Diver Slam, Mallard Slam, Teal Slam, Goose Slam, A WMA Slam, even a coot slam.

Once you complete the slam, you simply take your bag or pictures of your birds – along with your hunting license and slam card – to a qualifying location. Those that complete the slam will receive a band for their hard work.

The purpose of the Waterfowl Slam program is to, Create a friendly competition among hunters. Improve waterfowl identification. Help hunters learn more about waterfowl habits and increase excitement for waterfowl hunting.

Money raised from the Waterfowl Slam will be used for projects on the Division’s Waterfowl Management Areas.

In addition, the first 500 participants who sign up will receive a free Waterfowl Slam shirt available at any Sportsman’s Warehouse and be eligible for a drawing to be held in February. For more information, be sure to log onto the DWR’s website at wildlife.utah.gov.

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