Bighorn Sheep Nursery Herd Increased with 2nd Transfer on Promontory

  A second transfer of bighorn sheep increased the nursery herd at Promontory Point. Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, along with their conservation partners, captured more sheep from Nevada and brought...

King’s Camo Helps Utah DWR with Fawn Survival on the Nebo Unit

  The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is conducting a fawn survival study on the Nebo Unit to compare how fawns are doing compared to other unite like the Bookcliffs. The effort is being helped, in...

Wasatch Wigeons Restore Duck Habitat at Willard Spur

  Wasatch Wigeons is a local, grassroots nonprofit in Utah that focuses on waterfowl conservation and wetland restoration. One of their biggest projects is at Willard Spur, where they have removed...

Snapshot of the Week: July 20, 2024

The KSL Outdoors Snapshot of the Week from our July 20, 2024 episode.

Fly Fishing Island Park, Idaho at Henry’s Lake and Sheridan Lake

  In this episode of KSL Outdoors, we go fly fishing at Idaho’s famous Island Park area. The guides at BS Flies show us the ropes at Henry’s Lake and Sheridan Lake where we fly fish for big...


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