Ice Fishing for Fat Yellow Perch at Rockport Reservoir

  The yellow perch at Rockport Reservoir are plentiful and fun to catch, but it’s easy to hook into the small fish. The trick is targeting the foot-long fatties. So we hit the hard deck with perch...

Smith and Edwards 2023 Gun Auction and Alaska Fishing Trip Giveaway

Smith and Edwards once again held their annual gun auction at their Ogden store. But this time was special as they gave away an Alaska fishing trip to Water’s Edge Lodge.

Northern Utah Deer Being Fed by the DWR to Help Survive the Winter

  The winter of 2022/23 will go down as one of the snowiest in decades. Massive amounts of snow have buried the deer herd’s food source and they are under threat of starvation. So the Utah DWR...

Fish Tech Tip: How to Fly Fish in Frigid Temperatures

  Fish slow down their eating habits in cold water, but frigid weather also changes how you should try to catch them. Mickey Anderson from Fish Tech Outfitters shows what fly patterns and techniques to...

Snapshot of the Week: January 28, 2023

  Our winner this week, on the fourth and final day, finally landed his fish of a lifetime. Logan Callister hooked up with what he thought was a big fish and boy was it. It took him a good ten minutes to...


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