Highlights from the 2024 Hunt Expo

  The 2024 Western Hunting and Conservation Expo has come and gone, and we had a great time checking out everything the expo had to offer. In this episode, we highlight our favorite booths and interactive...

Future Conservation Projects Funded by the Utah Cutthroat Slam

  The Utah Cutthroat Slam is a fishing challenge that raises funds for conservation projects to benefit Utah’s native cutthroat trout. In 2024, three new conservation projects were announced that...

Snapshot of the Week: February 17, 2024

The KSL Outdoors Snapshot of the Week from our February 17, 2024 episode.

New Bighorn Nursery to Increase Utah’s Sheep Populations

  Utah’s bighorn sheep population is in decline. So the Utah DWR, along with Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, acquired land on Promontory Point for a new sheep nursery. We look back at the recent...

Highlights from the 2024 Utah Boat Show

  The 2024 Utah Boat Show was a ton of fun, and we had a great time visiting the various booths and displays of new boats and gear. Highlights from the show include e-foils from Waque, the best boat...


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