Camp Chef Snapshot of the Week – 11/19/2011

Cody and his good buddy Kasey had a blast on the boulders chasing trout.
It took them awhile to figure out the boulder brookies, but once they did,
they were into plenty of fish. It was their first time on the boulders, Kasay
say’s “it won’t be the last.”

Kyle turned in his unfilled dedicated hunter tag last year and it got thrown
in the hat for the special Limited entry draw. He was lucky and drew book
cliffs rifle deer. He spent a ton of time and gasoline spent scouting, but he
knocked down this dandy buck on the 6th day of the hunt.

After 11 years of putting in on a northern hunting unit. Brian was happy to
draw a muzzloader tag and take his 3 year old boy (hunter) and his 76 year
old dad (Jerry) on the hunt. After two days and 8 bulls later He was lucky
and bag this great seven by eight at 13 yards. After he came home, Brian
realized his buddy Steve had the sheds from two years earlier to his bull,
Steve gave Brian the sheds, what a great friend.

The Gardner family had a awesome opening day of the pheasant hunt.
Jaclyn and her husband both bagged their limit with their kids by their
sides. After they were done hunting, Jaclyn grabbed her camera and
snapped a few pictures of the roosters bustin’ out of the brush. Jaclyn says
“It was just as exciting taking the pictures as it was hunting them. They
live for moments like these.”

The Wolfenbarger’s spent their family vacation this year fishing in Montana.
9 year old son max was excited to learn the art of catch and release and
dad Joe, also learned a valuable lesson; teach a man to fish and he will
never be hungry, teach a woman to fish, and she will out fish you! This is
his wife Kim with her Big Mama Brown.

Our winner tonight is a new gun and a new found love of the marsh. 10
year old Riley, passed his hunters safety this summer and he and his dad
hunted this years Youth Duck Opener at Ogden bay. Riley made a great
shot and downed this drake mallard over the deks. Dad says he wasn’t
sure who was more excited him or Riley. What a perfect way to end a
beautiful evening in the marsh, a moment they’ll never forget. Congrats on
a successful hunt and now our big prize for having the Camp Chef
snapshot of the week.

Submit your pictures and an explanation on-line at KSL.COM or to our
email address at The winner each week will win one of
Camp Chef’s new innovative products. Either their new Sherpa Camp Table
and Organizer or the 34 hundred BTU Ranger Stove. Portability and Power
from our friends at Camp Chef.

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