Camp Chef Snapshot of the Week – 11/3/2012

[CG :2 LineLayne TorgersonSpending the day with dad.]
Some great bucks taken on this years deer hunt and we kick it of with this fine buck Cayden took with his dad. Layne says he didn’t get to spend a lot of time with his son because of school and work, but opening morning of the deer hunt found them on their favorite rock in Southern Utah. Layne says, the results were this nice buck and some rewarding time on the mountain with his son.

[CG :2 LineJordan LambethBigger than her brothers!]
Jordan was out with her dad looking to bag a four point for her first buck but when she and her dad came upon this three point, dad said it was big enough. Jordan dropped the deer at 100 yards and says even though it wasn’t a four point, she was happy because it was bigger than her older brothers Bladen’s first buck.

[CG :2 LineSpencer BradleyBack up buck]
Unfortunately Spencer’s “monster buck” had already been shot by the time he was able to go on the hunt. He did however find this nice three by three and made a great 75 yard shot to claim his first buck. 15 year old Spencer says although he’s older than most who get their first buck, it was still a great experience.

[CG :2 LineRichard TonksChip off the ol’ block]
12 year old Austyn Ferrin has been his grandpas hunting partner since he was 5 years old. This year was his turn to carry a rifle. After missing a couple smaller bucks Austyn took this nice buck. Austyn was speachless as the buck came tumbling down the hill after firing 4 shots. Grandpa could not be more proud of the young boy that has turned into quite the hunter.

[CG :2 LineTracy JarvisWay to go Justa!]
Justa drew a vernon deer tag with no points and took a giant buck. The family had spotted the buck during their pre-season scouting and found him right where they had last seen him. The hunt was over by 8am. Justa was so happy her grandpa and the rest of the family were there to see it go down.

[CG :2 LineDavid MorrisWINNER!]
But our winner tonight is a buck that had a lot of adults shaking their heads. 12 year old Jared’s smile tells it all, as he holds his first ever buck. He and his dad were hunting with a large group when they spotted this buck, thought it was a tall three point and it was decided that Jared would get the shot. Jared made the 300 yard shot, but when they walked up to the buck, it wasn’t a three point at all, but this great four by four. Many of the adults couldn’t believe it, Jared had shot a bigger buck on his first hunt than most ever get the chance. A great story, a better buck and now our big prize goes to you Jared, for having our snapshot of the week.

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