Camp Chef Snapshot of the Week – 12/3/2011

9 year old Parker isn’t old enough to hunt big game but he sure knows how
to find them. This past fall he helped his brother Cody track down this 2-
point and then helped Cody, his cousin and his mom find their first does.
He then helped his grandfather on his once in a lifetime moose hunt. and
he also tracked down this bear.

Carson was working on his fishing merit badge when a more prestigious
honor presented itself. Helping his five year old sister catch her very first
fish. Millie was all smiles after catching this Mantua Bluegill, that is until
Carson tried teaching her the tradition of kissing her catch before letting it
go. Despite all the coaxing, Millie refused to kiss the gill.

Hailie told her husband she was tired shooting 2-points and it was going to
be 4-points or bust this year. Well, she drew a tag for the southern region
and after passing on some smaller bucks, she found this monster muley on
her last day of the hunt. Her husband says, he can’t imagine what her
standards will be for next year.

Last spring, Steve woke his five year old early one saturday morning to take
him to his secret spot up at the berry. He tells us, it was a log walk, but
Cooper managed to make it without complaining. Once there, they caught
two fish; a pan sized rainbow and this beautiful 24 inch slot buster cutt.

Glen had to wait two years for his son, carl, to return from serving an LDS
mission, but they finally headed to Wyoming to hunt white tail deer
together. After seeing many deer, Carl took this buck during the evening
of the opening day. Not to be outdone, Glen got his buck the very next

Our winner tonight is this great photo Ann took from the Pahvant Mountain
Range. An area that her family has been visiting since she was a little girl.
Ann and her husband, Cleve, love to visit the range after labor day to call in
elk. She says she feels bad tricking the bulls into coming in, but she has
taken many priceelss pictures over the years and now takes home our
grand prize for having the snapshot of the week.

Remember send your pictures and a brief explanation of your latest
outdoor adventure to The winner each week will win
one of camp chef’s new innovative products. Either their new Sherpa camp
able and organizer or the 34 hundred BTU ranger stove. Portability and
power from our friends at camp chef.

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