Camp Chef Snapshot of the Week: 4/19/2014

We kick it off with an amazing sunrise Clayton found while headed to work down at Wahweap. Clayton works for Brown Brothers Construction. They’ve had the privilege this year of cutting the Castle Rock Cut deeper. They hope to have the cut down to 3575 feet, this will mean the water only has to come up five feet from the present level to allow boats to take the shortcut from Wahweap. Clayton says what a beautiful place to go to work every morning.

The last weekend of Feb, Jakoby had his dad and grandpa in tow as they made their final checks of their traps. A large snowstorm had gone through the desert leaving nearly two feet of snow. The skies were crystal blue and the sights they say were down right beautiful. And low and behold Jakoby got his first coyote. Ole’ Wiley had finally met his match.

Check out this dandy largemouth Adam caught recently at Utah Lake. A lot of people don’t realize the quality of bass in the lake, but obvisously Adam has! This big hen topped Adam’s scale at over 5 pounds.

Parker had a goal this year to catch a pike on the fly. On his third trip down to Yuba on his fifth cast he finally latched into this monster of a fish. The pike fishing should start heating up as the fish have finished spawning and are fattening up. Parker says he’ll be back next weekend.

But our winner tonight while vactioning in Cabo San Lucas convinced his 6 month pregnant wife Megan and his best friend to go marlin fishing. Jake says the waters were extremely choppy and he thought his wife was sure to get sick. But to their surprise the seas calmed down and the views around them were breathtaking. They had whales crashing around their boat, sea turtles and even a seal lion come in for a snack. Finally the fight was on and after a 33 minute battle, this 102 inch, 130 pound stripped marlin came to the boat. Megan was grinning from ear to ear and so was Jake. It’s a memory and a trip they’ll never forget. Well Jake, your understanding wife and the great views have landed you our great prize for having just caught…our snapshot of the week.

Remember send your pictures and a brief explanation of your latest outdoor adventure to The winner each week will win one of Camp Chef’s new innovative products. Either their new Sherpa Camp Table and Organizer or the 34 hundred BTU Ranger Stove.

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