Camp Chef Snapshot of the Week: 6/14/2014

The Wadsworth family loves to fish Strawberry and take their three year old
son who just loves to reel the fish in and give them a kiss before he sends
them back to the water. The little tike, is already asking when they get to go

Eric sent us these shots of some fun times at the gorge with some friends.
This is Treven holding a nice smallmouth, but it was his moms twenty nine
inch, thirty one pound mack she caught while trolling a rapala that was the
talk of the boat. Sounds like a great day.

Last year Dave had quite the trapping year. Here he is showing off a huge
beaver he trapped last fall. A normal sized beaver is forty to forty five pounds,
dave is six foot two and with it’s tail on the ground this beaver is up to his
shoulders and weighed in at a whopping fifty eight pounds.

The Bateman family had a very successful memorial day weekend at Yuba.
This is Matt and seasoned walleye pro Brayden with a mess of eyes but one
year old Tinley wasn’t quite sure what to think of her first toothy critter. She
wouldn’t take her eyes off of that fish with even bigger eyes for the picture.

Tim has been wanting to go fly fishing for quite some time and finally got the
opportunity to go with his buddies and master fly fisherman Jeff. They had a
blast, with Ryan catching this colorful cutt and Tim ended up with the biggest
catch of the day.

And finally our winner tonight came across a rare encounter of a mother and
her young. Dan and some friends were riding horses up in the Book Cliff a few
weeks ago and came across a cow elk giving birth to her calf. Dan kept a safe
distance and got some incredible shots of mother and her less than five
minute old calf. Dan says it was a once in a lifetime experience, some great
stuff. Well Dan our judges agreed and the next time you head to the books,
you’ll need a bigger pack string to haul our big prize for having…the snapshot
of the week.

Remember submit your pictures and a brief explanation of your latest outdoor
adventures online at

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