Desert Bighorn Sheep Nursery in Uintah Basin to Increase Utah Herds

Whether you are a sheep hunter or a just a sheep enthusiast who loves to view wild sheep, it’s an exciting time in Utah. Skyrider Ranch in Tabiona is now home to a new Desert Bighorn Sheep nursery. The sheep were translocated from Valley of Fire in Nevada. In two days, thirty one desert bighorn sheep were captured in the Muddy Mountains, loaded into a Utah DWR trailer, then driven to their new home. Young Living Essential Oils, a Utah Company, owns Skyrider Ranch and partnered with the DWR to provide the land for the sheep. The plan is to eventually translocate a total of one hundred sheep from Nevada. We’ll keep you updated on the nursery and hopefully in a few years the DWR will be relocating some of these sheep and augmenting existing populations around the state.

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