Fish Tech Fishing Report 02/04/2012

February is here and midge fishing is upon us and we’re
going to give you some tips on catching trout on tiny dry

One of the first keys to midge fishing is using a long, fine
leader. I’ll start with something like a 9 foot 5x or 6x and
then I’m going to extend that out even more with maybe 2
feet of 6x tippet. You want to actually cast at the fish,
cast just upstream from the fish and then reach the rod
upstream, it’s called a reach cast. What this does is it
positions the fly ahead of the leader so the fish sees the
fly before it ever sees leader coming at it.

If you have your leader right and you have your presentation
down and you still can’t catch any fish. The one thing i
find extremely effective is to fish an emerger pattern that
rides half in and half out of the water. This looks a little
more natural to the fish a lot of times and so what I’ll do
is, I’ll take a fly, I’ll saturate my fingers and hold on to
the tail of it. And then i take some of my frog’s fanny,
this is a powdered dry-fly floatant, and hit just the top of
it. That way the top floats and the bottom sinks. We’ll just
drop this in the water so you can see what it looks like.
The Weber, the Provo, the green they all offer great winter
time opportunities.

If you have any questions about what we’ve talked about
tonight or if you need to pick up some new midge patterns
come on down to fish-tech. Now for tonight’s fishing line.

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