Fish Tech Fishing Report for 3/17/12

It’s Spring, time for cleaning! But not around your house, because that’s just going to get dirty again! Time to clean out your vest…Hi, I’m Mickey Anderson from Fish Tech with this weeks fishing report. First thing you want to check is your tippet. If it’s fluorocarbon, it’s good, it doesn’t go bad. If it’s nylon and it’s smaller than 3x and you don’t know how old it is, thow it away, it is bad. It is the cheapest connection to your whole setup, but the most important part. Also check your leaders…Again, if you don’t know how old they are, they’re probably not good, throw those away and get some fresh leaders for the new season. Next thing is check your fly box. A lot of times you put in old, beat up flies in there…Some of these that just aren’t very good anymore, throw those away. Check for rust! A lot of times you got rust in there from putting the fly away wet. Don’t put your flies away wet, but here’s a way to stop that so that they won’t rust…It’s called ZERUST, put one of these little tabs in there, that will stop it from rusting to begin with and a lot of the new fly boxes are coming with one of those tabs already in it. The next thing to check is your fly line. If it’s dirty, clean it. Try a little bit of dish soap on it, that will cut all the grease off. Then check it for cracks…If it’s cracked, it might be time to replace it. After you’re done cleaning it, put on a little bit of cleaner and conditioner, keep it slicked up and floating high. And the last thing you need to check is your sun block…They have expiration dates on them, make sure that’s still good. So this year, let Fish Tech help you out with your spring cleaning. And now for tonights fishing line.

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