Fish Tech Fishing Tip: How to Ice Fish for Yellow Perch


It’s ice fishing season and a great fish to go after is perch.  To catch them, it’s best to use either a light or ultra light rod. Try a noodle stick because of how sensitive it is. Pair that with an inline reel. Try them on the noodle stick rods. But a spinning set up works great too.

On your rod, try fluorocarbon lines instead of mono or braid.  Three pound test and down are a lot better for pan fish. Jigs are really good.  Use tungsten versus lead. The Ratfinkee is also great. Next, put onto that a soft plastic. Just to give it a little bit of movement. It really helps out. The next lure to try is a spoon and dropper jig. These are really good for getting bigger fish to come up. Use these after you find fish.

If you want to find fish use a flasher. Flashers are really good for searching and finding fish and it’s also great for entertainment for you and your kids. It also helps you figure out if the fish are more finicky or aggressive.

For bait, use waxies, spikes and perch eyes. You can also try waxworms and regular worms. To keep them fresh, put them in a bait puck.

Hey for these tips and more come down to Fish Tech Outfitters.

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