Fish Tech Tip: How to Catch Catfish


Would you rather be laying back on the lake enjoying the sun? We’ve got a tip for you. Mickey Anderson from Fish Tech says it’s catfish time and they are a lot of fun to catch. But make sure you are using a heavy rod with good fresh line. Now bait is always the easiest way to fish, you’ve got worms, minnows and a lot of the synthetic baits and you can put them right on the bottom or put them underneath a bobber and they are great. If you like to troll and you want to get your boat out. Try a minnow type lure. Catfish will hit those, they’ll also hit spinners. And then there is bottom bouncing rigs. With a bottom bouncing rig you put a night crawler rig behind it and you don’t what you are going to get. It might be a walleye, it might be a bass and it might be a big cat. Now while you are fishing, Utah law allows you to use two rods. Have your heavy rod out there for the cats, but take a light rod and fish for white bass. Throw a little spinner or curly tailed jig and cover a lot of water with this while you are keeping your eye on your big rods so a catfish doesn’t take off with it.

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