Fishing Report: Aug. 16, 2014

Dozens of kids from all across Utah are being treated to a day of fishing at Strawberry Reservoir. It’s all part of a foundation called C.A.S.T. Short for Catch a Special Thrill.

(Art Pasley, Natl Program Dir. C.A.S.T. Foundation) Cast for kids begin in 1990 as a program by the Department of the Interior wanting to introduce people to the water resources in the areas.

(Art Pasley) we normally do 45-55 events a year in 32 different states.

(Valerie Heath-Harrison, Bureau of Reclamation) We work with organizations that serve kids with disabilities and their parents. The event is also open to kids that are at risk.

CAST also organizes dozens of volunteers who donate their time, their money and their boats to take these kids fishing.

This is the second year in a row that Captain Chris has taken out young Hunter. Hunter’s dad’s company, Strawberry Water Users helps sponsor this event.

(Tiffany Sorensen, Hunter’s mom) it means a lot, he get super excited butterflies, can’t sleep the night before. He really loves being out on the water. An opportunity he wouldn’t normally get.

(adam) how big of fish are you going to catch? (hunter holds hands wide) that big, (wider) wow, Chris has got his work cut out for him. (chris) yes I do.

(John Boyer, Triumph Group) the kids are just awesome to be able to see their face when they get out on a boat and to be able to catch a fish. These are kids that usually never get to fish or have that sort of fun so it’s great to just be able to take them out.

John is one of about a dozen employees from Triumph Group. A Park City company that donated four boats, the gear, the gas you name it.

(Tiffany Sorensen, Spanish Fork) it’s really neat, volunteers are so sweat, people are so great, makes you proud to live in Utah, it really does.

(net fish) good job. (dad) nice rainbow.

(Adam) First fish I’ve ever caught. (adam) that’s the first one you’ve ever caught. (Kaislyn Spencer, Caught her first fish!) yeah I’m able to get him out of the water. (adam) nice. (girls screams at fish in net)

(Art Pasley) if you look around, you don’t see disabled soccer, disabled football. You don’t see anything but fishing is something that a child with disabilities can do.

(Art Pasley) One of the main things that happens is the parent realizes that their child can actually do something like this.

(Diana Sampson, Oakley Mom) This is everything. It’s so hard for us to go anywhere just because various challenges that we have make crowds difficult to deal with. They make chaos hard. This is quiet, this is with people who understand. This is one of the few things we get to do at all.
The kids, the families and volunteers were all treated to a luncheon, a raffle and each kid was given a plague with his or her picture and memories that will hopefully inspire them to take up the great sport of fishing.

(Adam) did you guys have a good time? (boys) yeah. (adam) what did you catch them on? (boys) a fishing pole. (adam) a fishing pole, yeah I could see that.

(Adam) you may be back next year? (valerie) yes I might, because Brian is threatning to quit because you know I’ve been doing it since the beginning. (adam) what a neat event though. (valerie) Yes it’s been wonderful, it really has. Every year it’s a little chaotic, but at the end of the day we, our souls are filled. (adam) if you want to participate next year either as a volunteer or as a participant, go ahead and check out Time now to head back to the guys at Fish Tech for tonights Fishing Report.

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