Fishing Report: Feb. 28, 2015

Usually when you go hunting there’s got to be a bet, between men. (adam) sure. (gabe) I asked him, jonathan are you going to be shaky in the morning? When that big bull comes in. within range. Are you going to be shaky at all. (jonathan) no. (gabe) and I called his bluff. >

(Gabe) if he does not shake, I will jump into lake from the deck. (laughs) (adam) but if he does?

(Jonathan) if I do shake, they I’m running and hoping into the lake. (adam) you are serious? (jon) yeah. I kind of fell guilty with this bet, because I know what is going to happen. I feel guilty taking advantage of you. (jon) yeah sure. (laughs)

The next morning.

Jonathan’s hunt is finally on. Click the video to see how it went, as well as this week’s Fishing Report from FishTech Outfitters.

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