Fishing Report: Jan. 3, 2015

Arms getting a little tired. (nick) a little bit, we need to find us a cat track. We’ve been out all day.

(Nick) That is why it makes it so fun because it is tough, it’s challenging. if it was easy, everybody would be doing it. It wouldn’t be as fun. Don’t worry Adam, you’ve got to have faith, we’ll find the track.

Admittedly my faith was wavering, but wouldn’t you know it, after traveling over 30 miles on these high country roads.

(Nick) we’ve got us a kitty track right here. How many miles have we’ve been driving? A long time, but it looks like a nice cat track.

The GPS allows Nick to monitor the dogs movements as they chase the cat. Most times a chase or run, can last 2 miles sometimes much longer.

(Nick) I’ve got an extra collar to put on you. (adam) in case I get out of control. (nick) so I don’t loose you yeah.

Watch as the dogs put their noses right in the cat’s track.

And the race is on.

(Nick) love listening to the dogs, they are working that track. I’m not going to promise anything though. Lion hunting is the most demanding, crazy sport out there. But that’s also why I do it.

(nick) it’s going to be a long hike, but it will be worth it. Snow is not too deep.

The dogs haven’t been gone but just a few minutes. Nick is following their progress when he realizes something, I have not.

(Nick) um, I’ve got them treed. (adam) Are you sure? (nick) well we’ll see.

(Nick) But that is the shortest race, it’s got me wondering. What’s going on here. I’ve never had a race this short. (adam) we won’t know unless we go down there. (nick) yeah let’s go

You can see where it went right underneath here.

We’ve only gone three hundred yards into this canyon, when we catch up to the dogs.

Good boy! You’re a lucky dog Adam, this stuff doesn’t happen.

The beautiful cat, looks to be a tom. The biggest I’ve ever seen.

I’ve taken a lot of people that have never hunted before in their life and they love it. They love lion hunting. Why? They are not big into killing things. But they like seeing the animals and leaving them and taking cool pictures. Like how many have pictures of lions, ten feet from you and not being scared.

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