Fishing Report: Jan. 30, 2016

If you want to take your kids ice fishing for perch this is a good way to do it. Hi, I’m Dan Smith from Fish Tech Outfitters. First thing you do is you tie on a lure. Then up above that lure you put a bobber stop. What that does is stops your bobber from hitting your lure. Then you put a little bobber keeper on and a bobber. Then when you get it down you put another bobber stop up your line and that holds the lure to the depth you want it. One of the good things about this rig is, once you catch a fish and you let it back down it goes to the exact same spot every time. This is how it works. So you drop the lure in, you put the bobber in, you open your bail. The line goes down until it hits the bobber stop. Once it hits the bobber stop, you hold it for a second. Wham, did you see how that went down. Set the hook, now you’ve got a fish. Bring the fish up. Woo, we’ve got two of them. One on each line. Hey if you have any questions on how to set this up. Come on down to Fish Tech and we’ll help you out. Now for tonight’s fishing line.

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