Fishing Report: Jan. 31, 2015

My understanding from the biologists is that these fish grow about a pound a year. So a 30 pound fish has been around 30 years. he’s really seen it all, done it all.

(Clark) So what I’m getting at with these fish being around as long. is really wearing them down and being patient. Sometimes they’ll circle several times before they’ll hit it. It’s a very gentle bit. Way more subtle than most people expect.

(Clark) give it a jerk! Jerk! reel, something is wrong. reel, reel, reel, jerk again. is he there. there was no slack, you line…yeah you’ve got him! His line stayed slack I was like what’s going on

(Adam) he’s putting a little bend in the rod.

(Clark) he’s starting to act a little bigger. (adam) do they ever surprise you? (clark) oh man, I’ve had 30 lbs come straight to the boat. 12 pounders never give up.

(Clark) how are you feeling there partner. (laughs) we want to make your forearms burn. (lynn) they’re burning.

These big fish are usually caught around a hundred feet or more. The first sign that they are giving up the goose,
is the massive amounts of air they exhale that bubble up on the surface.

(Clark) He’s at 30 feet, we should get color. (looks into water)

(Clark) yup there he is, nice fish. (clark) I think we are in the teens on this one.

(Clark) look at that lynn, big fish of the day.

(clark) Ok, lift the pole up, lift the pole up. (nets fish) oh yeah. (lynn) holy crap! (laughs) woo, nice job sir. (clark) good job lynn. holy crap, look at how he inhaled that! Just all the way down. (adam) just clobbered it didn’t he. (clark) yeah. (adam) oh that’s a beautiful fish.

(Clark Sabey) The major thrill for me is watching the people. No doubt about it. I’ve seen enough of them, caught enough of them. I still get a thrill out of it, don’t get me wrong. When you’ve got someone who’s biggest trout is a 21 inch rainbow or something and a 35 or a 38 pound fish comes to the boat and sometimes people just lose it. I’m looking right into their eyes and talking right to their face and they are not registering one word. (laughs) It’s hilarious, quite a thrill.

(Adam) there he goes.

(adam) that’s cool.

(Adam) Would you recommenced this to anybody Lynn? (Lynn) Anybody that wants to have a good time. (laughs) Yeah and Clark knows how to make it fun doesn’t he? (lynn) He does that.

(Clark) i can see the weight. (phil) yeah it’s taking line. (clark) good. 31:03 (clark freaks out) that a boy. (adam) good luck huh? (clark) yeah!

Not more than ten minutes later, Lynn’s son Phil is into another big fish.

(Clark) we are having a pretty good day aren’t we Lynn? (lynn) this is fun. (adam laughs)

(Adam) oh yeah look at that rod go. Nice fish.

(Adam) What kind of rods are you running? (clark) tourny Trails from Cabela’s.

(Clark) They are good rods, good backbone, but even little ticks you can see on that rod.

(Clark) and I go heavy on everything. it’s a 50 pound braid with a 20 pound Fluorocarbon leader. I really like the fluorocarbon because it’s pretty invisible.

(clark) nice thick fish. I think we are going to break the 20 mark. I think…

(Clark) lift the rod..(nets fish) there we go.

(Clark) you know what. I hate to say it but i think Lynn’s fish was bigger this guy was just meaner.

Clark is a big advocate of releasing these fish as fast as possible. Notice how he leaves it in the net to get the hook out. If you want a picture, get your camera ready while the fish is still in the water, take your picture and get them back.

(Clark) there he goes back to the deep.

(Clark) This one is made primarily out of wood and rock.

Clark shows us something I’ve never seen in all my years coming to Flaming Gorge. First though, lets head back to the guys at Fish Tech for tonights fishing report.

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