Fishing Report: June 14, 2015

A gift certificate for a haircut? Man, I wish it was something I could use. Like a gift from Fish Tech. Hi, I’m Mickey Anderson, with the Fish tech team, and this week’s Father’s Day gift report.

If you’ve got a net, and have no place to store it, this is a good one. You push it in, fold it over, and it can sit right next to the seat in the boat.

The weather’s getting warm. Protect your dad from the sun with our wide selection of lightweight shirts, sun gloves, and neck gaiters.

If your old man’s like mine, he can never have too many hats. And here at Fish Tech, we’ve got plenty.

Keep dad’s phone dry and safe with one of these waterproof phone cases like the Simm’s Tech Pouch, The Lock Sack, or the William Joseph Phone Protector.

There’s going to be lots of mosquitoes this year. How about keeping you dad bite free with some pre-treated, insect repellent clothing.

How about a wader taco for dad. Step into the middle, take off your boots, and your waders. Put them in the middle of the mat, zip it closed, and you got your taco.

So if none of these suggestions work for you, we always have gift cards. For all your gifts for Father’s Day, come on down come on down to Fish Tech and we’ll help you out. Now for tonight’s Fishing Line. Happy Father’s Day!

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