Fishing Report: Nov. 28, 2015

Ice fishing is coming on. Think safety on the ice. Right off the bat there’s no snow so it’s real slick. You either need to get some studs that you put on your wading shoes and screw them into your shoes and you only do that if you are not going to wear them around the house because your wife will be a little upset. You can get those in different styles. We have them down here at that store. Another thing is pull on ice cleats. These are pretty popular because you can pull them on, pull them off. You don’t have to wear them all the time. Another thing you want to do is get some picks, because if you do go through the ice you can get yourself out. Also, rope. I like to carry 50 feet of rope. This is a fifty footer. If something does happen. I can throw the rope to somebody pull them out or just the opposite. I can throw the rope out of the water onto the shore and have someone pull me out. Lifejackets. I carry a lifejacket with me or the better way to do it is buy this suit. Stryker Ice comes out with a suit that floats. So if you do go through you float. And I always carry a throw cushion. The reason why is I can throw it to somebody or I can put it on the ice and kneel on it and my knees don’t get wet. Stryker Ice also has bibs, you won’t get cold. If you have any questions on first ice and safe ice. Come on down to Fish Tech and we’ll help you out.

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