Geese, Guns, and Gals in Idaho

Thanks for tuning into KSL Outdoors, I’m Adam Eakle. You know waterfowl season is upon us and for the last three, four, five years, my good buddies, Jeff, Nate, and Matt have come up to Idaho to hunt geese. This year though, a little twist. We invited some ladies.
Thanks for coming out. We had a lot of great companies step up and donate a bunch of stuff for you guys, so look at all this stuff we’ve got for you. We’ve got…
So at the first of the year I started a Utah’s women mentoring program. Called Utah WHOA.
I started it because I wanted women to be more involved in the outdoors and feel comfortable. I wanted to give them some type of an outlet, some type of a place to go and to learn what the outdoors has for them and what’s provided.
You’re not going to need the hand warmers tomorrow.
Jeff Bringhurst invited us the hunt. Offered four spots for the ladies.
I’m not sure what a blind bag is but I’ll figure it out.
This is the first field goose hunt for each of these women. Jeff brought them here because we’ve all had some great hunts here in the past.
It’s early season, it’s warm, the success rate is pretty high and those are some important things to get people not only involved, but to continue their involvement.
My goal is to go into everything, fishing, big game, turkey hunting, hiking, all of it.
We’ll be here for most of the morning.
This is where we will be setting up. We’ve got a lot to do.
We’ll set up the blinds. We’ll probably going to face towards the lake. We need to have a lot of material to stuff the blinds to make them so that they’re camouflaged so we’ll probably have you guys start with that.
If you guys have questions. Don’t hesitate to ask. We are not experts but we can make stuff up real good.
On that note, get to work.
I think it’s going to be a blast. It’s going to be great fun. You’ve got to put in the work to reap the rewards.
We need to bring them more often. Look at all that stubble they gathered, did you see that? Fantastic.
Feed as much as you can through a couple of those so it pins it to the blind and you want it completely covered so it looks like the ground.
Shooting a goose is fun. That’s fun, but that’s not why we do this. We do this for the comradery. We like coming out with friends. We like introducing new people to this.
To be able to bring these ladies and introduce them to something they’ve never done, pretty rewarding.
Safety is the biggest thing.
If we see something we are not trying to be critical of you. We are trying teach you.
Life’s is good. We are hunting geese. We open?
There’s a bunch of geese Jeff, just this island here at 1’oclock.
The morning has started a bit slow, the geese are airborne, but headed to other fields. Finally a few lines have spotted our spread and are headed our way.
Ok, everybody get down!
Alright here comes a flock. Oh we’ve got flocks out front to. We’ve got 5 coming in.
Let’s shoot them guys, right out front. Go, go, go, go, go!
Oh that one just folded.
Ok, everyone re-load get back down. Good shooting by the way.
We’ll pick them up. We’ve got one in the decoys.
I think this flock at 11 o’clock might swing into us.
Single, one o’clock coming right at us, low
Do you guys see him over there? Uh huh.
Ok shoot him!
Nice shooting ladies. Thank you.
I remember how that felt to shoot my first goose and to sit back and watch somebody else do it because we put forth the energy and effort is fantastic.

Not only did we have the opportunity to shoot birds. They taught us how to set up a decoy spread. We learned how to grass blinds. So, it was a good experience. It’s not something that the four of us have ever done before so it’s something that we can turn around and hopefully teach somebody else to do.
I thought it was great! Yeah. Little early. Definitely different than big game hunting. Three o’clock in the morning comes a little early, but all together it was really good. It was awesome. Who did their makeup? Come on now. Temperance, I think it was Temperance. You two did? Yeah. Nice. I just put some mascara on yeah. I had time. Why not?

I like the challenge. I want to learn more about myself, what do I like. What do I not like? But I can’t judge it until I try it so that’s why I’m here. I’m here for the experience.
See they’re going to turn right into the wind. Now they are dropping.
Everyone’s guns loaded? Yup. Ok they are low enough. Wait for them. There’s your coast.
The first little bit was really neat when you get to sit and listen to all the geese call.
And you can hear them coming and they are getting closer.
Keep waiting.
Ready? Shoot them! Shoot them!
First shot! I didn’t even pull the trigger. No need when we’ve got shooters like this.
That was awesome.
Hey, go get your birds. Go get them girls.
A lot of women, they probably want to but they don’t know where to start. If they are not married or their husband doesn’t hunt or they want to or their kids want to and they don’t know where to begin. Exactly. Or maybe their husband hunts and they are not comfortable going with them. Now there is somebody out there that might be able to help answer their questions or even just take them along and show them the ropes. Hopefully maybe make a new partnership or a new friendship.
This is great. That was awesome, that was good.
I like to hunt at my own pace and going with my husband he hunts at his pace. His pace is definitely faster than my pace. So it’s nice to come out with these women, it was nice to ride down in the car, stop and have dinner. Get to know each other more and just enjoy the journey, rather than the end result.
Ok remember, faces down. Just like last time, you guys did perfect.
Here’s a show for them.
Don’t shoot them, don’t shoot them.
Look at these ducks guys. Holy cow!
That’s for you Brett Wonnacott. Oh that’s cool. That’s awesome.
Do you guys see them on the left, they are 11 o’clock and they are low.
12 o’clock and they are ten feet off of the top of the grain. Wait.
Shoot them now! Got more geese over there too.
Oh we’ve got geese right in front of us!
Get down, get down! Everybody reloaded. Here they come your side.
12 o’clock and they are like 5 feet off the ground. Two of them.
Shoot them guys, shoot them. Nice woo hoo. Someone can go. Or all of you go, I don’t care. As long as there’s no guns.
This is really cool. It’s not big game hunting but. No, no, exactly I may have to do this again. For sure.

Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it. They’re still sliding. Look at the ducks.
Welcome back to our Idaho goose hunt for the ladies..
We are not going to shoot these geese if they are in the ducks. Just hold still.
These guys are going to work.
See now they should take a turn. See that? Cover your faces if you can.
Ok, just hold still.
Ok they are all going to swing around now.
Wait! Wait! Shoot them! Woo I got two!
I got these. I got these.
They are really starting to move aren’t they!
Way to go hot stuff. Woo hoo! He’s a wet one! I love how she’s holding it. Come on girl a little blood never hurt.
Anderson, you are my hero! Sweet!
Is everybody re-loaded? Get down they are coming.
Right above the island guys, low. They are going to come.
The wind that we had tonight it really stalled the birds as they were coming in. They came in lower, they came in slower. The wind is almost like a braking mechanism for them and they come in and they just hold and so we were getting them close. We were shooting birds at ten yards.
Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it. They’re still sliding.
Go ahead and shoot them!
It’s a fantastic program and obviously that’s how I learned to hunt. Somebody took me out. There’s many opportunities for gentlemen, you know men to get out. But obviously for the ladies there’s not as much opportunity. There is not as many women taking each other out hunting like we do with our guy friends so it’s a fantastic opportunity for them to be introduced to the stuff we love.
Alright they are coming back out front at 12 o’clock.
Shoot them. AT&T reach out and touch somebody.
Let’s clean them, let’s get them up. Ok.
As I’ve gotten older I like seeing other people succeed and have fun as much and sometimes even more than myself.
This is absolutely incredible. The adrenaline, all the birds coming in. Yeah, couldn’t ask for a better hunt.
Probably one of the best hunts we’ve, and not so much because we got the birds, but these women, who have never done a goose hunt before, were shooting so well. And doing so good. And it was, it was a pretty great day.
Whoo Hoo!
The girls were pretty giddy there for a while weren’t they? So were you though come on! Matt. Matt. We still are. You guys were giddy. Jeff was like a little school girl. That’s pretty normal for me this time of year. It is. Oh no I heard Matt over on the other side. Come on now. Matt was hyperventilating. Hey that’s a lot of fun. What a great organization Angie and it’s just in its infancy. It is, it is. Lot of room to grow. Exactly, that’s the plan. Lot of fun.

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