KSL Outdoors: Alaska’s Waters Edge Lodge

Last week we introduced to you beautiful Elfin Cove and Waters Edge Lodge.
We had a blast, caught many fish. We even lost a few.

Tonight, more on the fishing, the sights and the Utah family that operates this
self guided fishing lodge.

<(Mary Crump, Co-owner Waters Edge Lodge) I grew up in the lodge business.

Mary Crump co-owner of Waters Edge Lodge grew up in Juneau Alaska. Her
father is from Utah and started a fishing lodge when Mary was young. She
married Kelly Crump and together they have years of Alaska fishing
experience. They now call Utah home in the winter and Alasak home in the

(Mary Crump) We spend all winter preparing for our three month season and
it’s months and months of trying out different recipes on my kids and…>

(Mary) planning and all the little details on the boat, making sure we have
the right tackle and what’s working and talking to other lodges and see what
they like to do. Make sure we all have the same tackle so you can catch fish.>

(Adam) Oh yeah, that’s a good salmon, good king, got a fish jump. Yeah, you
haven’t gained on him much. (chris) he’s holding ground.
(adam) yeah, don’t horse him, keep your rod tip high. Nice looking good, like
a pro. (chris) semi. (adam) semi-pro. Well AAA ball, lets not get carried away

<(Adam) he's bigger than the last one. Nice fish huh? Woo hoo. (chris) woo hoo. (adam) no reason to measure him. (chris) no we don't need to, we are keeping him. (adam lifts fish) oh yeah, that's a heavy fish. (chris) what do you think? (adam) that's a heavy fish. (chris) that's more than 15 pounds. (adam) yeah that's more than 15.

Chris won our all expense paid fishing trip to Alaska, through a friend at last
years ISE show.

(Chris Quartuccio) It’s one of the best experiences of my life so far you know.
I really enjoy it. I’m an outdoors guy so this is just one more thing you know.>

(Adam) you and Kelly have really made this a family atmosphere. Why? (Mary
Crump, co-owner) that’s the most important thing to us is family and we want
people to feel like when they come that they are part of our family. They are
coming to mom’s house. we take care of you, do you laundry, make sure what
ever you need you’ve got and that’s the way mom would take care of you.>

Mary and Kelly have four kids and all of them help with the chores, especially
the oldest, 11 year old Claire.

(Kelly Crump) Claire is amazing, she’s right in the middle of everything,
bossing everybody around and I think you caught a fish and she’s telling you
to get over in the picture, makes it a lot of fun when they are capable of doing

(Claire Crump) I fill the little gaps. (adam) what does that entail? (claire) stuff
the guys don’t do.

Bruce is the Chef here at Waters Edge. His salmon is some of the best I’ve ever
had. All the meals are served around a huge family table. Bruce is also a
Utahan, having been a Chef instructor in the Salt Lake Community College
culinary program.

(Bruce Johnson, Waters Edge Chef) They treat their guests and their staff like
family. They care about what they are doing, they care about the success of
every, they care about the success of the guests, they care about the success
of the family, they staff, within the parameters of where we work and it’s fun.
This is a fun place work, i’ve never had this beautiful view out of a kitchen
window before for my entire life.

<(Jerry Krier, Guest) the kids being around, they are enjoyable, they are good natured. (theresa) grandma and grandpa are here, the whole family, start to finish, it's pretty cool. That's pretty nice, makes you feel like you are part of it, when you are here.

<(Jared Hargrave, Outdoors Producer) He keeps taking all the line I'm bringing back in.

This was outdoors producer Jared Hargrave’s first trip Alaska, and his first
halibut on the line.

(Adam) Callista is going to be proud, her husband brought back some
halibut. (jared) well we’ve got to get him in the boat first, don’t jinx it.

(Chris) I could just see it steaming on the grill right now. (adam) Jared’s grill.
(chris) yeah on Jared’s grill, Jared is going to invite me over for dinner

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