KSL Outdoors: Antelope Hunt

Thanks for tuning into KSL Outdoors, I’m Adam Eakle and tonight we have a really fun show for you. It’s our ladies night show. It was back in May when Sportsman’s Warehouse all across Utah held a ladies night at each of their stores. They asked us if to grab a couple hunts to take a few ladies on and well we did so we’ve got two winners here, Kathleen Milburn and Sandra Lee. How are you gals doing? (girls) very good, this is going to be fun. I’m excited. (adam) you’ve never been hunting before? (kathleen) never. (adam) and Sandra Lee? (sandra) no, I’ve never been hunting either. (adam) oh boy have we got a treat for them. Hey we are going to run them into Sportsman’s Warehouse, get them geared up for this antelope hunt and head up to Deseret Land and Livestock.

We need to get you girls some game bags. That is going to be key to get these antelope skinned and on ice as soon as possible.

There we go, a couple of Alaskan game bags, those will work just right.

(Sandra) hmmm…orange? No.

(Adam) WSM, that will work.

(Adam) alright we’ve got game bags, we’ve got bullets, we need a target, let’s grab one of those stick-on.

(Adam) Yup, just like my wife, packing heavy.

(Adam closing cover) alright, let’s go. (kathleen) yea!

Deseret Land and Livestock is1 of 118 Cooperative Wildlife Management Units in the state. At just over 227 thousand acres It’s also Utah’s biggest. The (CWMU) program has opened more than two million acres of private land to the public through Utah’s big game draw.

(Scott McFarlane, DWR Private Land Public Wildlife Coordinator) How it works is that the public gets a percentage of the permits. There’s different percentage options for landowners to choose from. The best one for he landowner is a 90/10 split. 90% of the tags go to the private landowner and 10% go to the public.

(Adam) alright, here we go, this is Shorty. (kathleen) Wow, look at this, thank you.

The girls are getting the full treatment, lodging, luxurious for hunting standards, food and two doe antelope tags, all courtesy of Sportsman’s Warehouse and Deseret.

(Bridge) so not too bad accommodations for hunting camp huh? (kathleen) very nice. (sandra) there is no pool, or sauna. (adam) granite counter tops, (kathleen) and tile floors. (sandra) I’m official though. (adam) you are official. Hey look at you sporting an old Doug Miller hat. (kathleen) yes, Pat’s favorite hat. (adam) we are honoring him. (sandra) yeah we are excited. (adam) alright let’s go shoot.

(Adam) Alright we’ve got these targets set up at 100 yards, we want these girls to be right in here somewhere. Well see, 100 yards, then we’ll try 200 or maybe 300 yards.

As hunters it’s important that we know what distance were comfortable shooting at. This being the girls first ever big game hunt. I don’t want them shooting farther than they are capable.

(Adam) you want to shoot when you exhale. So take a breathe, exhale, find the target and then just slowly tough one. (shot) well that was quick. That’s a pretty good shot, we’d take that.

I had them shoot one. Even three hundred yards.

(Sandra) So you think we are going to actually get something tonight? (adam) we could shoot them both tonight, let’s go see what it looks like.

The girls have decided that because Sandra was a quarter inch closer to the bullseye, that she’ll be shooting first.

(Adam) what we are going to do is we are going to get out, be real quiet, not going to slam our doors, ok. Because that will spook them. We are going to go into the bottom of this ravine, we actually could go up on the side hill here and probably get a shot.

(Adam) we’ll walk the bottom of this ravine, they must of went over, we’ll get up on that ridge and hopefully get a shot. (sandra) ok.

And just as we crest the ridge, we spot the herd, 300 yard away.

(Adam) I’d rather you have a little closer shot, don’t you? (sandra) yeah as long as they don’t hear us. (adam) ok, let’s go.

(Adam) the lowest one is a buck. The one right above him, yeah that’s a doe. This is about 200 right where you shot at. It’s kind of a funky angle. (sandra) that’s ok. (adam) we want that buck to clear.

Just as Sandra was about to touch one off, the herd spooked and were gone.

(Sandra) they saw us and ran up and across. It was pretty though about 13 of them.

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