KSL Outdoors Best of the Year 2016

Thanks for tuning into KSL Outdoors and welcome to our best of 2016 show. I’m Adam Eakle, along with Outdoors producer Jared Hargrave. You know Jared we had a pretty good year. It’s always fun to reflect on the places we’ve been, the people we’ve met. That’s right. In fact we got to travel all over the the state this year for the Utah Cutthroat slam all four native species of cutthroat in their native range. That was a lot of fun. That was really cool. Sometimes I don’t know why but we struggle catching fish. It always doesn’t work out the best but for some reason this year was the year of the big fish. We got lucky. We did get lucky and so we are kicking it off with an ice fishing trip to Lost Creek.
Oh good fish.
Oh..oh thanks. Yeah trying to take drag, this might be a cutt. Oh yeah. Oh my gosh! Did you see that fish? Oh, I’ll get the sleeve up for you. Holy cow. Oh Adam. Make sure that line doesn’t cut on the ice. That is the one that just came off of my….Look at him take line back down to the bottom. These cutty’s don’t start fighting until they see the hole. He’s going back down.
He’s going back down. He’s not ready yet Adam. No this is where you want a ten inch hole.
Oh you might be wrapped. Oh boy. Get him up! Look at that fish Adam! Holy crude, that is my biggest fish by far! There you go man. Look at that tank. That is beautiful. What do you think? We are going to measure him. Look at that fish. Oh man did he give me a ride. That’s as big as anything I’ve caught at Strawberry guys.
That big cutthroat was a great way to kick off the year. Yea that was huge and our luck continued down at Panguitch Lake for ice off. That’s right and we hit is just right didn’t we? Sure did.
Oh my gosh, he’s got a really colorful one. What have you got a rainbow? It’s a tiger. It’s more colorful even. Ok, we’ll get this one and be right there. We might be able to get a picture of both of them. Oh yeah! Look at that. Oh my gosh, that is a mess of tigers right there. Pretty male, we have a lot of other really great fisheries in this area. 8 pounds of fish there. Anywhere from Navajo Lake which is nearby which produces splake up to ten pounds. We have Otter Creek which produces some quality sized rainbows.
Don’t fall in Ethan. Good job. Nice job zoot. Pretty rainbow Doug that looks like a good one? Yea that’s a good one, nice and fat holy cow. There we go. Nice rainbow. Alright going to put him back in.
I think we were at Panguitch for ice off around the end of April. It was pretty good fishing. Yea I would say it was probably the best Ice off story I’ve ever shot. Yea, lot of fun and speaking of fun we also caught up with Twin Territory boys, AJ, Jace and Cameron and man are they a lot of fun. They are a ton of fun and super good anglers. They are, but it was the old man that schooled them this year.
There he is. Oh it’s a good one. Big tiger.
It was supposed to be on the fly but I just had to see if there were tiger trout in here. This looks like a good three, four pound fish.
Oh yeah it’s a nice fish. Dude, you might need to net this Al.
There he is. Oh holy cow. Dude that’s a…That has got some shoulders.
Oh my gosh. That’s sweet. Oh I wish it was on a fly rod.
That’s the biggest tiger I’ve ever caught. It’s over 24. Oh yeah.
Holy cow. Oh my gosh! That thing is huge. How cool is that. That is awesome.
That tiger trout is the biggest I’ve ever caught, but the boys did say I had to cheat to catch it and I guess I did. They are probably right. They would know they’ve got bright futures ahead in the outdoors.

. You know it was just a month ago when we were down….Get ready. On the Henry Mountains with Glen Cloward following him on his once in a lifetime bison hunt. Can I throw up now? Yea that was a great time, but we first ran into the Cloward family in the basin for a cottontail hunt. Yea it turned out to be one of our most popular and most fun hunts for sure.
So what’s the key to finding rabbits this morning? Rocks and south facing slopes. Be very, very quiet, we are hunting rabbits. Oh shoot. We let a few get away, but it’s an active fun, interactive hunt. Oh there he is.
A good first hunt isn’t it. A great first hunt. Kids are bored. They are just excited to keep going. Good shot.
We love it because it’s like a practice for a big game hunt. I mean go out there with a rifle with a scope on it and shoot rabbits. Shoot them at long range or close range, whatever. I think it’s good for the kids to practice that too, with all of the safety and it’s everything you need to know about hunting. There’s two. We picked up a couple. Where’s your smile then. Good clean shots, it was awesome.
The Clowards are a pretty neat family. Yea super nice guys. And they’ve acquired kind of a unique bond being in the outdoors as a family. It’s kind of neat to see. Speaking of hunting families. We got to follow your wife Tonya on her big elk hunt.
He was facing us. I got my sights on him and steady. You had me wait until he turned broadside. So, he shouldn’t have gone broadside. I practiced for that. Good shot. Hit him again, right there, through the trees. Take your time, he’s not going anywhere. Nice shot. Boom, you did it. He’s rolling down. I don’t know what he is, but he’s a good bull. Standing up even.
He didn’t go far. Eww…he’s smelly. He stinks? Congrats baby, nice bull. Yea, pretty. Nice six by six. Good job. Cool.
Tonya got a great bull. You had fun shooting it I’ll bet. Yea. I was a little stressed but it is memories like that we’ll keep forever and speaking of memories. I actually shot my biggest buck to date down in Sonora last year. You didn’t get to go. I wish I did. But it was a ton of fun with our friends from Kings Camo.
Great on the left, on the back. What do you think Whitehair? Fronts are good. He’s going to skyline. There’s a perfect picture right there. What do you think Clark? I think he’s good. Nice buck. Yea for you. For me. Me no, him yes.
I figured the buck to be about 29 inches wide and be about a 185to 190 class typical. Kevin disagrees. I think he’s better than that. I really do. Do you? Well that’s a giant. We are looking at him and he’s a pig. Got a couple of doe. Not quite big enough for Kevin, but he’s plenty big for me. Go ahead Eakle. Oh, good shot. Let’s go get him. Oh my gosh, look at those antlers sticking up. Oh! I told you. Why are you guys trying to tell me he’s a 180 buck. He’s a slug. There is no ground shrinkage as the buck is what Kevin thought he’d be. 30 inches wide and pushing 200 inches. He’s a tank. He’s a buck of a lifetime. I know that gets clich√©’ for a lot of people, but that’s the biggest buck I’ve ever killed. No eye guards again.
Well Tonya’s bull and my buck, it could be my all time favorite year of hunting. It was big.

Jared for the past five or six years, good friends of the show, Gabe Patterson and Bob Thomas have been taking young men and young women who have had some struggles in their lives on some fantastic elk hunts. Great hunts every time and this year we got to take Jack Barney, the son of fallen officer Doug Barney. It was a fun filled three days and it turned out to be our best story of the year.
Doug was a family man, he loved being a husband and a father.
Doug Barney served 18 years as a police officer. Doug was shot and killed while searching for a man who left the scene of a traffic accident.
Thousands of police officers from across the nation as well as thousands of Utah citizens came to pay their respects to a man known not only a great officer, but a great man. Who can forget the touching moment when his 13 year old son Jack stood over his father’s American flag draped casket and said good bye.
They often say that it takes a village and today and in days past and over the course of last year. I would say that we have seen a village come together over and over and over again.
When they see a member of the tribe that has fallen or has lost their way. We muster ourselves and we come forward and offer those tokens that can continue the journey. Hunting is the perfect metaphor for this. You are about to engage in a ritual that all young men and women throughout history have engaged in predominately with their parents. In this case, your dad cannot be here, but there are a thousand dads, ten thousand dads. When one falls the others will stand.
The fact that all of these people have come together in the way that they have is an amazing thing. We love you Jack and we’ll always be there for you.
Put the smack daddy on them. You ready? Let’s go, let’s do this. Let’s go.
Get ready right there! Don’t shoot.
That’s a good bull. Ok. He might be over three hundred.
Four or five times we were on our bellies trying to put a sneak on this elk.
How good is your rest?
I was frazzled. I couldn’t take it another second and Jack, calm as a cucumber laying behind that scope.
Oh shoot!
The relief that I felt and the happiness at that moment, unbelievable. That’s something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.
What do you think of that? That’s awesome! That’s why we do this.
See his antlers! Dude I nailed him. What a shot, oh he’s a pretty bull.
to be able to come and be a part of this is a dream for me.
Show everybody what you put in your pocket. My lucky charm right here. Your dads coin? uh huh.
Dear old dad is hanging tight with you. Very cool dude. I think your dad would be pretty proud, don’t you? Yeah! Yeah I think so to.
He was really proud of us. That’s one of the things I remember a lot. He always pushed us and just thought we were the best.
He was a really good man and I just really want to be like him.
I’ll tell you something kind of on a personal note. My marriage fell apart a couple of months ago and being up here with this family is the best I’ve slept in two months. So I think I owe them a thank you.
Funny how doing something nice for another family can help you.
We knew as soon as we watched the stories that was one of the better stories we’ve done all year and boy it was just tough to put together. Yea you know it’s something powerful when you are sitting in the edit bay and tearing up. Yea, good family, good organization that helped the Barney family out. They sure deserve all of our love.

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