KSL Outdoors: Fishing Strawberry with the second oldest man in Utah

<(Intro Adam) "Thanks for tuning into KSL Outdoors, I'm Adam Eakle and tonight boy do we have a special treat for you. We are taking the second oldest man in Utah to a place that is very special to him, Strawberry Reservoir. We've got our friends from Fred's Marine, Strawberry Bay Marina and the Strawberry Anglers Association along to help us out. Hugh's entire family is here, let's introduce you to him.">

<(Adam) "What does this lake mean to you Hugh? (Hugh Barnes 104 year old Strawberry Angler) "it means a lot, it was the first place I ever fished on a lake, it is Strawberry.">

<(Lee Barnes, Hugh's Son) My dad is 104 and a half years old and his biggest concern today is to catch a fish and he's staying here until midnight until he catches one. He cannot see, he is blind, and he's a little bit crippled up, but his mind is of a 70 year old.">

A few weeks ago, the DWR called asking if we wanted to take the oldest fisherman alive in Utah, to re-live some memories at the berry. How often do you get a chance to fish with a Centenarian, of course we jumped at the opportunity.

<(Rebecca Hansen, Granddaughter) "We dug this out of his storage and it's the first time i've ever seen anything like this.">

<(Rebecca Hansen) "Did the guys at Fish Tech know how old this was? (rebecca) "yeah they said this was right in the 40's and in great shape. >

Jim Carter donated his boat and time, as did Fred’s Marine in Layton. Who brought up this brand new Targa Tracker. That morning we had three boats and four generations out on the lake.

<(Jim Carter, Strawberry Anglers Association) I grew up fishing on Strawberry in Frank Madsen's camp. I understand that Hugh was in Fred Clark's camp. So we weren't very far apart.">

<(Adam) "The first time you came to Strawberry, did you drive a vehicle, take a horse, how did you get here? (hugh) "we come in an old Model T Ford.">

Born in 1908 and growing up on a farm in Neola, Hugh’s first trip to the berry back in 1929 was a bust as he and his buddies were skunked. Hugh didn’t return to Strawberry until after he married. In the 1930’s, Hugh and his wife Ardis, were often seen in the old “fred Clarke camp.” raising and teaching their kids their love of the outdoors.

<(Hugh Barnes) we had the 7 children and we had to have to have quite a number of fish by the time we fed all of them fish. >

<(Rebecca) "when i was a teenager i picked him up at his place....(adam) "oh he's got a fish, Hugh's got a fish, that's a good one too.">

<(Jim) "we've got two on...(Adam) "doubles.">

<(Adam) "how long has it been since you reeled in a fish? (hugh) How long ago? Gee i don't know, 100 years. (laughs) >

<(lee Barnes) "I just love to watch his expression on his face, because he can tell a lot of times whether it's a big one or a small one.>

<(net fish) "there his is. (hugh) "just a little one. (jim) "yup. nice and fat though. (son) bigger than mine was. (rebecca) good for eating.>

Hugh was into fish after fish, turns out the whole family was catching something for the grill.

<(Tom) "that's the catch of the day on this boat.">

<(Fred Ulrich, Fred's Marine in Layton) You know I thought i've been doing this for 31 years and haven't been out of the shop much and it was a good opportunity for me to get out and associate with people and have some fun with them and give back a little bit to the community, it's what we've been doing.">

but Ol Hugh, had the final say with his last fish of the day.

<(Hugh) "pulling pretty heavy.">

<(Lee Barnes) He's all business, when it comes to catching trout, you don't interfere with anything.">

<(Jim) "oh that could be a cutt." (everyone) "that's a nice fish, nice.">

<(Adam) "beautiful fish." (lee) "huge cutt dad." (jim) "can you see it Hugh.">

<(Helen Beardall, Hugh's oldest child) he says he caught 6 fish and I said it's been good and he said "Helen it's been wonderful". That really means a lot to me, I'm glad he caught some.>

<(Hugh Barnes) alright you kids you can't tell me about catching fish now. (laughs)>

<(Tag) Sage, Weslon, who caught fish? (sage) "i did." (adam) "did you eat it?" (sage) no? (adam) "no, you only catch them? (sage nods) nothing better than fresh rainbow trout caught right out of Strawberry reservoir and cooked on a Camp Chef, hey if you like rainbow trout. We've got some exciting news here at Strawberry. Coming up we are going to tell you about a 25,000.00 dollar fish swimming in the water, but first tonights quiz question.">

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