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Welcome to KSL Outdoors, I’m Adam Eakle. (tonya) I’m Tonya Kieffer. (adam) 2013 is upon us, we did our ice fishing party last year and we are doing it again. (tonya) we are at Strawberry Bay Marina at Strawberry Reservoir and you know we’ve got a couple of hundred people here already, it’s just past 8 o’clock, we are ready go. (adam) we’re rockin’ last year if you recall we did it at Rockport Reservoir, two to three hundred people showed up, this year we are hoping to catch a few more fish so we came out to Strawberry, everybody is out on the ice, let’s go check it out. (tonya) Ok, let’s go


(Adam) So Brandon, you brought your two little girls out here. Where did you hear about this and why are you out here? (Brandon) We read it in the Wasatch Wave and Mom needed a break, so we’d thought we’d come see if we could learn how to catch a fish.

We’re getting good fishing reports everywhere and really some hot days. Just Thursday, Allen the other biologist up here, was out and he caught fifteen in an hour, the guy he was with caught twelve. So, it’s looking really good. We’re getting a lot of reports like that.

(Adam) You’ve got it dialed in it looks like. (Scott) Yeah, it’s been a good day so far. I have about a dozen or so and it’s only what? An hour and half into the day. (Adam) What do you have him on, Scott? (scott) He’s on a two and half inch orange glow. (adam) Nice fish! And why do you like that orange glow? (scott) You know, up here that orange glow is an attractor that they can see from a long ways off. And so, you’re bringing something in from further out than you normally would with the normal bait. (adam) Right in the slot, aren’t they? (scott) Yep, right in the slot. I’m guessing right about twenty inches.

Biggest fish we’ve gotten was a twenty-three. We’ve got several in the twenty to twenty-two inches. All in all it’s been a pretty good day. This jig head always stays horizontal because your knot can never slide forward atop dead center of the line tie. So, it always stays horizontal, which gives it that natural appeal. You know if you go ice fishing without a sonar, you’ll most likely catch less fish. You really do need a sonar if you want to get serious about it. You could even spend as little as $150 for one that will get you by.

(Adam) And how about using a Goal Zero battery pack to power your fish finder? Charge it with solar panels, you’ll never run out of power. (Fred) Goal Zero makes battery packs and solar panels to charge all of your electronics that we’re all connected to now days. From phones, to tablets, laptops, to fish finders, you name it. So I’ve got the Sherpa 50 and it’s powering my fish finder right now. (tonya) You guys, there’s fish on the fish finder, I see them. (fred) And it has this twelve volt output, plus it’s got other outputs too. That’ll run my fish finder for days if I wanted it to. (tonya) So tell us a little bit about what we’ve got going on here with these speakers. (fred) I’ve got two Rockout Speakers chained together and they have a nice housing for my phone so it doesn’t get wet or cold. I can just zip this up and it’s totally enclosed, it will never get wet from splashes of all the fish that I’m going to catch today.

(Adam) The noise from the five hundred or so people who joined us on the ice made the fishing a big slow by our party. But get away from the noise and the fishing was fantastic, check out the pig Zach caught near the narrows, the biggest fish of the day.

(Tag) quite a few people showed up and actually we saw some fish through the ice. (tonya) You know what, best friends were sitting right next to each other and one caught one and one didn’t, so yeah the fish are there, you just have to know how to do it. (adam) yeah I think all these people in one spot makes it tough to catch fish. If people would spread out a little bit probably have a chance to come back here a few fish, that’s for sure. (tonya) everyone is just excited to hang out with us that’s all. (adam) I don’t think so. They want to see you go for a swim. (tonya) I’m pretty sure you are going to go buddy. I raised money so you would go. (adam) we are both going if it is up to me. We’ll have that our ice rescue demonstration in a moment, but first over to Mickey for tonights Fish Tech Fish Report.


The guys at UWC have talked Tonya and I into being the ginny pigs for our Utah State Parks Ice Rescue Demonstration.

Tracy had us demonstrate the Reach, throw, row and go methods of rescue. You can reach with a pole, an oar, even a fishing rod to get someone out. If that doesn’t work, throw them a lifeline. The row method works if you have a boat, even a kayak to row out to the victim. And the last and least preferred method is to go into the water and pull them out.

Everyone should wear a pair of ice awls around their necks when you go out on the ice. That way you can save yourself.

Sounds easy, let try it.

There are so many people to thank for making this years party such a huge success. United Wildlife Cooperative and their volunteers made sure the kids all had a great time and without all of our sponsors, we wouldn’t have been able to give away over two thousand dollars in prizes at our raffle.

Next year will be even bigger and better.

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