KSL Outdoors: Idaho Steelhead

Welcome to KSL Outdoors, I’m Adam Eakle along with my good buddy Dan Carrico from Twin Falls. (dan) Good to see you again Adam. (adam) you too, we are overlooking the Snake River but we are not fishing the Snake are we. (dan) that’s right we are headed a couple of hundred miles up by Challis, Idaho to fish the Salmon River. (adam) steelhead? (dan) Steelheed, you bet we are going to work them over. (adam) I can’t wait, hey we’ve got to run into Sportsman’s real quick grab a few things before we head up and meet Jumping J.C. With 103.5, the arrow.

(Adam) Alright so the fishing manager here at the Twin Falls Sportsman’s Warehouse Dusty Jenkins, what do we need? (dusty Jenkins, Fishing Manager) You need if you are going to fish out of a boat, you are going to need your basics. Hooks, swivels, yarn and corkies.

(Dusty) Your oranges, your pinks, and your chartreuses are by far your most popular colors.

(Dusty) the new thing to do in the upper stretch is to use a trout bead, which is basically a hard plastic bead, little hole in it. (adam) holding it with a toothpick. (dusty) toothpick or you can use the new trout bead peg it system. Which is a soft rubber, it’s better on your line.

Thanks Roberta, alright we’ve got our gear our licenses, let’s go hit the river.

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