KSL Outdoors: Making Wyatt’s hunting wish come true

(Adam) thanks for tuning into KSL Outdoors, I’m Adam Eakle. You know it was just two weeks ago we showed you the story of Tate Davis and the Utah sportsmen that stepped up to help Tate fulfill his big buck dreams. Tonight we have another heart warming story for you. It’s about a 12 year old boy who has a terrible disease and his one make a wish, was to go on a deer hunt. Here’s the men that made it happen.

(Mark) Wyatt, this is Frank, we are up here on Lonetree/Taylor Hollow CWMU.

Meet Wyatt Enman. A young man who looks totally healthy, but isn’t. Wyatt has a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis.

(Todd Enman, Wyatt’s dad) the older he gets, the worse it gets.

(Todd Enman) He has tumors on his spines, they are tightly interweaved in his spine. He has tumors in iris of his eyes. He has some brain tumors which cause headaches, it’s terrible.

Wyatt’s doctor at the University of Utah found out Wyatt loves to hunt and contacted Buck Masters, who hold what they call “Life Hunts.” A wish-granting service for children with critical illnesses. Buck Masters then got ahold of Mark Robison who along with his wife and friend Mike Olsen head up a Utah organization called MTM hunting for the physically challenged.

(Mark Robison, MTM Hunting for the physically challenged) he’s asking me if I had enough room in my budget to a young man hunting and I kind of laughed at him, budget I said we don’t have a budget, my program works on great friends.

(Mark Robison) and I was down at the tire store and Frank Sutera, the owner of Trophy Ridge Outfitters came in.

(Frank Sutera, Trophy Ridge Outfitters) and Mark says I’ve got a little guy that’s got some problems….(pause) Hold on.

(Mark) and Frank looked at me and goes I just can’t stand stuff like this and I’m thinking what is up with Frank and he walked out to his truck.

(Mark Robison) comes walking back in and handed me a CWMU voucher. A 6,500.00 deer hunt.

(Mark Robison) and it really got to me, for Frank to do that is incredible.

(Frank) If we can brighten this guys day, that’s what we do.

The Mule Deer Foundation stepped in to give Wyatt a commemorative twenty five odd six, some binoculars and Kings camo outfitted the boy for his hunt.

(Mark) “there’s some Frank, right up on the ridge.

(Mark) see them moving up there on the top. See their ears, there’s another one here to the right.

Wyatt was treated to a fully guided hunt, the guys glassed in every direction, found plenty of good bucks, but Wyatt is holding out for a big four point.

(Kallie Enman, Wyatt’s mother) It means the world to him, he’s one excited little boy. It helps him to feel that he’s got a sense of being normal, just like every other child.

(Mark) to the left of that bush do you see them? Don’t look very far they are close, way close. There’s a buck right here. Get your gun, wyatt.

(Frank) there’s a bigger buck up here.

(frank) he’s kind of up behind the brush up here. How about if we just kind of circle up around here.

(Mark) that’s a good buck Wyatt. That’s a four by four. see him right there? Take your time. (wyatt) i see him.

(mark) take a deep breathe, let it out. Safety off?

(Mark) Ok now pull the trigger slowly, really slow. (shot) Hold on, hold on.

the shot is a clean miss, the buck takes off, but Wyatt is not discouraged.

(mark) alright lets make your gun safe, put your safety on.

(Frank) I think uncle Mark got you buck fever. (mark) me, it was 40 inches wasn’t it? And no one is going to know because it got away right? 40 inches huh? Boone and Crocket, world record.

(Adam Tag) well the morning hunt was pretty fun, saw a lot of deer. Wyatt actually getting a couple of shots just couldn’t quite make it happen, the little guy is getting a little tired. We are going to have to find a buck that is in a good position for him to get a good shot at, that in just a moment, but first tonights quiz question.


(adam) Welcome back to KSL Outdoors, I’m Adam Eakle. Well the bucks are in pre-rut here in Utah and there’s plenty of them. This first snow storm we received here in the high country has got the bucks rutting pretty hard. Let’s get back on the hunt.

(mark) do you know how to call a mule deer? (wyatt) no (mark) here I’ll show you. Put your hands like this, here deer, here deer. (wyatt) here deer. (mark) now start glassing and you’ll find one.

Frank had Wyatt hunting up high for most of the day, but decides to try the lower country on the unit.

(Frank) So we came over to the other part of the ranch and found one pretty nice buck and we’ve been working on this thing since about four o’clock today. 41:00 and we’ve chased him over half the mountain.

this is the buck Wyatt has set his sights on. The deer has eluded us all day.

(Mark) we saw this buck about 1/4 mile from here, we got 5 or 6 shots up on the hill, didn’t know if we hit it, went down and checked for blood, we missed the deer and the deer took off.

We found the buck again, in this canyon where we could get Wyatt a better shot.

(Mark) He’s right over there Wyatt. See him. (adam) actually there is some deer over there, see them. (wyatt) yeah I see him.

(shot) (mark) you hit it, it’s hit in the left front leg, look at that.

(Todd) This couldn’t have happened without Mark Robison, Frank Sutera.

(Todd) I just thank you guys, this is awesome. This is what it’s all about. Thank you.

For the guys that put this hunt together there is no better thank you than to see the pride in fathers face after watching his son succeed.

(Mark) I want to thank Adam Eakle for coming up with, he was so patient with the young man, getting him on the buck, it was incredible what he did with him. this young man just made a 300 yard shot, it was incredible. Absolutely incredible and it’s very, very emotional too.

Our next stop was to take Wyatt and his buck to Animal Art Taxidermy in Sandy. My longtime friend, Bruce Capes heard Wyatt’s story and offered to mount his buck for him.

(Bruce Capes, Animal Art Taxidermy) not bad for a 12 year old kid? (bruce) not too bad at all. you really got him huh? (wyatt) yeah. (bruce) nice work.

(Bruce Capes) just sounded like this was a nice kid who was going through something he didn’t have to go through and I just wanted to just…i don’t know, make him happy I guess.

(Grady Southwick, Wyatt’s Grandfather) it’s amazing, it’s beautiful what people are doing for him, all this stuff and our family really appreciates it, there’s some really good human beings out there, good people.

(Adam Tag) well check this out, not two and a half weeks later, my good buddy Bruce you’ve already got it done. (bruce capes) yup got it done as quick as we could. (adam) did the tanning yourself? (bruce) yup tanned it, had a form around that was just the position he wanted. (adam) perfect, looks great. What do you think Wyatt? (wyatt) it’s unbelievable. (adam) well guess what we are not done yet, the family, a surprise coming up here in just a moment, but first back to the guys at Fish Tech for tonights fishing report.


(Adam) Welcome back to KSL Outdoors, I’m Adam Eakle. Well the Mule Deer Foundation has really stepped up. They heard that Wyatt’s older brother is a big influence on the young man and they thought why not take him out on a hunt as well. So we are headed out of Coalville, we’ve got another tag, the family is going on another hunt.

(Adam) your brother kind of looks up to you doesn’t he. (colten) sometimes, since he shot a deer before me, he kind of gets cocky about it. Yeah. (adam) no pressure on him today, all the pressure is on you. (colten) everything is on me.

15 year old Colten Enman is getting the chance to hunt the Six Feather Ranch. A piece of property that has been in the Blonquist family for over a century.

(Andrew Blonquist, Six Feathers Ranch) I just talked to Mike Laughter at the MDF, saying we had an extra tag left over and we wanted to take a management buck with and asked him if he had any great idea of someone that was deserving of it and he mentioned this family.

(Mike Laughter, Regional Dir. M.D.F.) Can’t say enough about the Blomquist family and their generosity, like I said to spread that love of the outdoors and allow somebody that maybe otherwise wouldn’t have got that opportunity to be here on this ranch.

(mike laughter) It’s a good thing to do, it’s the right thing to do.

Andrew and his father Don rolled out the red carpet for the family. Fed them some great meals, invited them to stay in their beautiful cabin, and Andrew even guided Colten on his hunt.

(Andrew) he’s a good three by four, right there, he’s 24 inches wide. do you want him?

It’s early November and the rut is in full swing. Bucks are running all over the property. Andrew has given Colten the green light to take any buck that gives him a good shot.

(Todd Enman) just on a road, headed back to get some lunch and he popped up on us.

It’s day two of Coltens hunt when we find this nice four by four chasing some does.

(Buck walking) here he comes, just relax.

(Andrew) as soon as he steps, ok. (whistle) (buck runs off)

The buck is more worried about the girls getting away, circles around to gather them up and gives Colten one more chance.

(Andrew) coming out in the open, he stopped, take him. (shot) you got him, get him again, he’s running.

Colten has hit the buck, but it’s not a fatal wound. We end up tracking him for two hours over two miles of country but finally catch up to him.

(Mike) hey that Eakle, he’s a hound dog. (adam) nice buck dude, that’s a beautiful buck. (mike) good job brother. (high five) heavy got some mass. (mike) wow.

(Todd Enman) never forget this day, never. (adam) pretty proud huh? (todd) way proud.

(Andrew) I wanted the family to come up here and have a good time, create some memories, something they can talk about the rest of their lives. So I hope that’s what happen.

(Kallie Enman, Wyatt and Colten’s Mom) I’m going to remember the people that helped us do this. I’m going to remember coming up here and spending a wonderful night up at the cabin. Words can’t express how thankful we are.

(Mike Laughter) It’s an honor and a priveledge to be a part of this hunt with these amazing people. From the Blomquist, to Adam. (adam) from Frank to Mark. (mike) All of them, everyone that played a roll in this hunt, it’s just an honor and a privaledge. I can’t think of any place I’d rather be. (adam) stand up guys. Hey we’ve got more coming up here on KSL Outdoors, but first let’s dive into tonights Utah Field Guide.

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