KSl Outdoors: Rockport fish

Welcome to KSL Outdoors, I’m Adam Eakle. I feel like a popsicle James Bradshaw with Maniac custom lures. What are we doing today? Well we are going to go catch some fish if we don’t freeze to death first. Minus 19, we are up here at Rockport Reservoir, it’s cold. But we are here for one reason. There’s something going on. Yeah they’ve got a little contest going on, they tagged what 100 fish? 100 rainbows yeah. 100 rainbows, they’ve got some good prizes. All you’ve got to do is catch that fish with the tag in it. Look at Brian already out drilling holes. Brian is out, already getting it going. we’d better go. Ready? Yeah do this. Alright. Freezing!

(James Bradshaw, Maniac Custom Lures) Lets get some sonar going and see if there is anything down there.

First fish of the day and he was literally right under the ice. Nice bow. See if I can get him out without getting my hands wet.

there we go, first fish of the day. Nice Rockport rainbow, no tag. Chartruese gizzilla. alright, good job Adam. Nice one.

(James) we are catching them about 6 ft under the ice is all. We are in about 15 to 20 ft of water.

(James) yeah they are just cruising around, we are fishing on kind of a flat right here. there is not really any structure here to hold them but probably would be a little better off if we were out on the edge of a channel or on a point.

(James Bradshaw) This one we have a cutter bug on a vertigo jig and below it we have a gizzy bug and a gizzy bug was probably the best lure this morning. and a gizzy bug is what they wanted, they wanted that smaller offering and a lot of times, especially when you get later in the season, they want a smaller offering.

I’ve fished with James and Brian with Maniac Custom Lures for nearly a decade. These guys fish a lot and they always catch fish. Just yesterday they had a stellar day at the berry. So I value their opionons.

(Adam) What do guys do when they come out here and they are not having very much success?

You really need to have a sonar unit, sonar is really good to have. You don’t even have to spend a ton of money on them.

It’s good to have one just to see the depth that you are fishing in and to be able to see the fish. like today, you found them about 7 foot under the ice. but if you don’t accidently run into them like that, you don’t know where they are at until you start catching them, but if you have a sonar unit than you can atleast see the depth that they are running and put your lure at that depth.

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