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(Adam) Thanks for tuning into KSL Outdoors, I’m Adam Eakle and welcome to beautiful Coronado Island here in San Diego. You ask, “what are you doing in San Diego?” well I know it’s not Utah, I’m out here for my daughters 14U National Championship Softball tournament. The kids are doing awesome. We are doing the typical things, tourist things that is, going to Disneyland, the beach, but I had to get my outdoor fix, so through a friend of a friend, he’s going to help us out.

(Bob Day, En La Mosca Adventures) I’m a salt water guy, I love being on the ocean.
Bob Day owns En La Mosca Adventures. En La Mosca is ‘on the fly’ in spanish. Today we are headed out to fly fish the San Diego Bay.

(Bob Day) It’s a great fishery, there is lots of fish, we’ve caught over 25 different kinds of fish in San Diego Bay from spotted bay bass which is our primary fish to pacific bone fish, halibut, halibut, corvina, croaker, bat rays, got a thirty five pounder last summer about this time. So there is lots of different things in here. It’s just a cool, calm, relaxing place to be.

(Bob Day) The fish that live the bay are looking up into the current like a trout is looking up into the current waiting for a bug to come by, and they are waiting for whatever they are going to eat to come past them in the current.

(Bob Day) This is going to be about 15 ft deep, so we are going to use a 350 grain shooting head to get down to the bottom.

(Bob Day) We are going to do, shorts quick fast strips with a pause. So your strip is just like this, strip, strip, strip, pause.

(Adam) looks like a little perch. (bob) spotted bay bass.

(Adam fish) there’s a fish. (bob) there we go. (adam) Man he hit it hard, hit it like a tank, for a little fish, he slammed that.

(Adam) how cool is that. (bob) pulled him right out of the grass.>
Ok, I know these aren’t the biggest fish. Bob says they can get up to about 18 inches, but you’ve got to admit, they are pretty cool looking for a bass.

(Adam) yeah we’ll get a bigger one. Bigger and better, but he was a nice little tug. There you go buddy, (fish release) back you go.

The fishing is just part of what Bob offers.

(adam) the king and queen of the bay right there. Boy aren’t you ugly.>
it’s a whole bay experience. Like this pair of sea lions taking a break on a bouy.

(Bob) That’s what is so cool about it, there is so many different things to see and you can move around, fish in all kinds of areas and see things. Particularly from the water that you can’t see from shore and it’s a remarkable place.

(Salin Sawaya, El Cajon, CA) We are here alright, let’s go fishing.
While in San Diego, I just happened to be staying at the same hotel as my good friend Tim Duke and his wife Jan. Tim is a great walleye fisherman, he and I have spent many days on Utah Lake chasing eyes.

(Tim Duke, Utah angler) They fish like bass so if you like bass fishing, you should try this.
Tim fishes all over the world from the Amazon to Alaska, this morning, the Duke’s and they’re friend Salin were chasing double digit largemouth on some of the in-land lakes, tonight they’re target is spotted bass from shore with the San Diego skyline as a back drop.

So you come down here, get the sea breeze, it’s great, I love it.

look how beautiful that coloration is. Isn’t that amazing.
It’s much more than just a fishing adventure. You really get the pulse of the city from the water. (bob) yeah you do, you get to see a lot of things going on in the city. You can see the baseball stadium, the library, all the boats, Midway museum, seaport village, it’s really a nice place. (adam) and if people want to come and experience this with you? (bob) they can go to my website, www.enlamosca.com or they can call me directly 858-449-4071. (adam) thank you sir, good morning. Hey we’ve got more coming up here on KSL Outdoors.

A national organization aims to introduce kids to our Utah waters.

That in a moment, but first tonights Burt Brothers quiz question.>

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