KSL Outdoors: Snowmobiling at Bear River Lodge

<(Adam) Thanks for tuning into KSL Outdoors, I'm Adam Eakle. (tonya Kieffer) and I'm Tonya Kieffer. (adam) this is my wife Tonya Eakle. I brought the two Tonya's in my life and we are headed up to Evanston. A place you and I have gone on vacation a quite a few times. (tonya eakle) Yes we went to the mountain man rendezvous and we also went to the rodeo. (tonya) You know what now we are gong snowmobiling with our friends at Bear River Lodge. (adam) and we are also going ice fishing and if I don't drown the both of them, it will be a good day.>

Our first stop is a reservoir I’ve driven by many times but never fished.

<(Adam) Where are we at Paul? (paul Knopf, Evanston City Planner) Sulpher Creek Reservoir, south of Evanston. (adam) how's the fishing been? (paul) fishing has been good. You know this is the land of Fresh Air, Freedom, and Fun. But today, fresh air, freedom and fishing!.>

Paul has brought along a few friends, locals John, Ken, and Gene to get the girls into some fish.

<(Tonya Kieffer) oh my goodness we are so lucky. (TE) this is going to be fun.>

Walleye and smallmouth bass were illegally introduced here ten years ago, but Sulphur Creek Reservoir, is mainly a trout fishery.

<(Kieffer) Yes, Yes. (adam) oh you dog. Tonya come back. Awesome. (adam) don't loose him. Oh that one counts.>

<(John Kirby, Evanston, Wyo) You can fish with up to six poles on the ice per person, so lots of opportunity to get the fish to look at your bait down there and you can keep six fish.>

<(Gene "skip" Sharp) Nothing wrong with him. Is that about the average size Gene? (gene) Yeah, that's about what we've been getting, a couple of them have been a little bit bigger. For the most part about 12-16 inches. (adam) what did you catch him on? (gene) I caught him on a glow cutter bug.>

Sulphercreek fishes really good and for a Saturday was not at all crowded. [Notes:File 51] Remember to stop in Evanston and pick up a Wyoming fishing license when you come and don’t forget an ice shelter. It’s usually pretty cold and windy. I doubt the girls would have made it as long if we didn’t have one. Our next stop is our base camp for the rest of our adventure.

<(Roger Eggett, Bear River Lodge) My wife and I bought the cabins at Bear River Lodge in 1997.>

<(Roger) we have the 1,2,3,and 5 bedrooms. So we can accommodate couples, small families, large families, the cabins all have their own kitchens, granite countertops, dishwashers, stainless steel appliances, they all have big tubs in the master bedrooms, big screen tv, gas log fireplace, it's a great place to feel comfortable and bring your family.>

<(Tonya Eakle) it's very classic, rustic, fun, I think we'll enjoy it.>

<(Roger) Our big draw is we do motorized recreation.>

<(Roger) We border the motorized recreation section of the forest so we have over 400 miles of ATV trails right from our cabins we have 100 of miles of groomed snow mobile trails. On our property we have two stocked fishing ponds, which we'll probably see those tomorrow, nothing is a better stress relief than watching a child catch a fish. We have the swimming pool it's open in the summer, it's heated, we have the hot tubs opened year round.>

<(Roger) the surprising thing to me having been here for 17 years, how many people along the Wasatch Front don't realize the gems we have in Utah. I mean this National Forest, we are less than two hours from the Wasatch Front, a lot of people don't even know Mirror Lake Highway even exists, it's a Federally Scenic Byway, it's so beautiful it's on the federal registry.>

<(Roger) I've taken people from all over the world on a snowmobile trip and taken them to these mountain tops and seeing what we see, it's just inspiring. You can go on an ATV up here and looks down on the west fork of the Blacks Fork, you are looking down on a wilderness area, that is how it was created whenever this world was created, it hasn't changed. That's how beautiful it is.>

The scenery, the cabins and even the food is down right spectacular. Check out the huge steaks the boys prepared from Dave’s Custom Meats in Evanston.

<(Paul) check out the detail for this adventure for desert. Apple pie John with stamped fish on the top, that is the kind of pride we take with these adventure shows.

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