KSL Outdoors: Tagged fishing contest

Thanks for tuning into KSL Outdoors, welcome to Strawberry Reservoir. Jeff
McNally with Pinnacle marine. How you doing sir? (jeff) good, good to see
you Adam. (adam) how’s the fishing? (jeff) it’s great, we are going to go
some good fish today. (adam) good deal. Our Strawberry Rainbow tagged
contest is underway right now. Fish are being caught, so we grab Jeff and
guys from Pinnacle Marine to come and show us how to catch some of

It was back in May when the DWR started helping us with our tagged
contest. These are the fish and tags your fishing for.

(Alan) and you just want to get it right under that dorsal fin so it catches
those fin rays and it should stay there.

(Alan Ward, DWR Strawberry Project leader) For this contest we actually
295 of the green tags and everybody who catches one of these green tags
get a prize and then we also have five of the orange tag. We’ll have a larger
prize or kind of the grand prize associated with the orange tags. At the end
the contest if all of the orange tags are not caught those prizes will be
away to the people who have these green tags. So even if you have a green
you still have a chance at one of those grand prizes.

(Alan Ward) we really like the idea that it’s a free contest, you don’t have
sign up, it’s not for the elite. This is for everybody.

(Alan) I think you guys and the Phillips have done a great job putting this
together and I think it will generate some excitement.

(Adam bridge)so this summer and fall that’s your target, a ten to twenty
rainbow trout with a green tag or an orange tag like this one that will
guarantee you a big prize. Alan says they are putting these fish lake wide.
From here at Strawberry all the way to the Soldier Creek side.

(Jeff McNally, Pinnacle Marine) Lets start out with some dodgers and
(adam) ok, i’ll help you out.

During the summer, fishing from shore usually slows. The best technique
until the water cools is trolling and Jeff has a boat rigged perfectly for that.

(Adam) so Jeff tell me what is a good dodger, squid combo up here. (jeff) I
like the kokanee creek dodger and squid combination, but there is a lot of
good tackle out there. But some of the darker colors work good for the
kokanee, rainbows and the cutthroat. (adam) Like darker like what? Even
darker than that squid? (jeff) yeah there some darker ones than this. This is
crawdad looking, kokanee creek squid, but there is some darker ones,
slaughter which is a green and red and white one. It’s really nice that I use
here quite a bit.

(Jeff) that’s a thomas lure, it’s a nice little colorado little spoon lure, nice
color, little yellow and red with the black spots. (adam) and then you just
a little dodger in front of it. (jeff) yeah a kokanee creek dodger right here,
Shockwave is the pattern of that one, but nice color on that one. (adam)
deal, lets get this guy back in the water.

(Adam) look at that, nice healthy rainbow, the fish looking great up here.
even if you don’t catch a tagged fish, you still are going to catch a great
up here at Strawberry Reservoir.

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