KSL Outdoors: The trip of a lifetime for one of our viewers

(Adam) Coming up tonight on KSL Outdoors

We give one of our viewers the trip of a lifetime as he joins us in Alaska.

(Adam) It’s big fish and big scenery in Southeastern Alaska and look (on cam) we’ve even got the big old Tony Abbot up here to help us out. I’m Adam Eakle and this is KSL Outdoors.

(Intro) Welcome to KSL Outdoors, I’m Adam Eakle. Alan Blackburn this is going to be awesome. (alan Blackburn, KSL) I’m ready to catch a barn door. (adam) I am too, let’s got catch some big fish. Welcome to our Southeastern Alaska trip, we have a bunch of people we are going to have a great time, but for one man, his adventure actually began at the International Sportsman’s Expo last March.

At this years ISE show, KSL Outdoors was giving away an all expense paid fishing trip to Alaska for one lucky person to join us for a week long vacation and Steve Christensen was drawn from over three thousand entries.

(Adam) Alright so we just rolled up to Steve’s house in Taylorsville, let’s see if he’s home.

(Adam) how are you doing? (steve) good, how are you. (adam) are you Steve Christensen. (steve) yeah are you Adam right. (adam) I am. I’m Adam Eakle. Do you have plans for August? (steve) I..no. (adam) want to go fishing? (steve) I do. (adam) let’s go fishing. (steve) are you serious? (adam) you won our Alaskan fishing trip sir. (steve) no way! That is one of my life long dreams. (adam) you’ve never been?.

Fast forward to last month, Steve and several friends of the show, have traveled to Juneau Alaska, time to load into a Super Otter for our first leg of our trip.

The scenery you see on your forty five minute float plane ride to Pybus Point Lodge is down right spectacular. We haven’t been in the air five minutes and I think everyone has already shot about a dozen pictures a piece.

(Brandon Sparrow, G.M. Camp Chef) Oh the flight was amazing. It made the whole trip already, I’m excited. I could go home, I’m happy, it was awesome.

(Steve Christensen, Won Trip) Our mountains are great, but they are nothing like these, nothing like these (laughs)

and finally our home for the next week, Pybus Point Lodge.

(CJ Webb, Pybus Point Lodge) Hey Adam, how are you doing? (adam) Good. (cj) we are excited to have you all.

(Scott Jorgenson, Owner: Pybus Point Lodge) Welcome to Pybus Point Lodge, my name is Scott, I’m your host for the week.

This is my third time coming to Pybus. The first year I brought my dad, last year my wife and I’m back with friends because the experience you get when you come to Pybus Point Lodge is exactly what you think of when you think of Alaska.

(Scott Jorgensen) You know coming to Alaska should be more than just a fishing trip.

(Scott Jorgensen) There is so much to see and do, the wildlife, the marine life.

(Scott) it’s way more than fishing that brought me up here and I hope it’s way more than fishing that people come up here to experience.

Located on the south eastern shores of Admiralty Island, Pybus Point Lodge is the only commercial operation on the island. And look who is guiding here for his third year. The Big Tony Abbott.

(Tony Abbott, Captain/Big Game Guide) you know Adam, I’ve been doing this a lot of years and Pybus as you’ve seen, as you look around this place is as pretty a place. The food is awesome and the fishing second to none. I mean why do you keep coming back. (adam) it’s true. (tony) so it’s more than fishing and I think people grasp that, you’ve grasped that really well when you do your shows. If it was just about fishing you can go a lot of places but here it’s the full package.

(Alex Regan, Guide) I love it, I never want to go home. (laughs)

Our first excursion is with Alex Regan. Alex has been a captain for thirty years, mostly chasing tarpon down on the Florida Keys. This is his first year guiding in Alaska, but he’s already found a large pod of silvers just waiting to be caught.

(Adam) what is that Alex? (alex) solid bait, that’s the herring, what the salmon are in here eating.

The rig is just like you’d troll up at the gorge for kokanee, just a bit bigger. A flasher and a hoochie, trolled down 25 feet.

(Adam) Fish on! Port. get them Jeff, get them…(jeff) I’m on it!

The fishing is fast and furious, ten to fifteen pound silvers coming in left and right.

(fish takes off) oh! (net fish) there you go, you guys are getting the hang of it. (brandon) you got a big silver. (alex) oh that’s a big on there. That’s the biggest one so far. Get the baseball bat.

(Brandon) (Hectic) (adam) that is a monster. (brandon) oh third, right there! fish on!

At times, we couldn’t even stop for a picture with a fish, it was that good.

(fish going nuts!) (adam) Phsycotic! (net silver) nice triple. controlled choas.

(Brenda Sparrow, Paradise) if you were going to explain this trip to other women, what would you say? (brenda) it’s awesome, it’s been a lot of fun. (adam) it’s not real relaxing? (brenda) oh no, it’s a workout

oh nice fish! Huge Silver. (alex) wow! look at that tank! that’s a hog there.

(Brent Brown) I particular like catching coho salmon, silver salmon and to limit out two days in a row is kind of a kick, especially to limit out in about an hour, hour and a half each day and when I say limited out, I mean everybody on the boat limited out.

We weren’t the only ones enjoying good fishing. Check this out, see the circle of bubbles, that’s a humpback whale blowing bubbles to corral herring.

(Bubble net and whale eating) oh that’s a shot right there. That’s so cool.

You never know what you’re going to see in Alaska. Coming up, it’s halibut time.

(halibut splashing) (brandon) Oh crap, no, no, no, no. (line goes out)

We’ll show you Brandon biggest fish to date, but first tonights Burt Brothers quiz question.

(Scott Jorgensen, Owner; Pybus Point Lodge) Fishing has been fantastic, it’s been a long time coming. I’ve talked to a lot of the old timers here in Alaska and they’ve seen these cycles come and go. From all indications this year, these guys tell me we are on an upswing on salmon and halibut both. So we are looking for good things to come in the years ahead.

When you come and fish with Pybus Point Lodge, you never know what you’re going to catch. From salmon, to halibut, to about seven different species of rockfish, like this huge 19 pound yelloweye Brenda caught.

(Adam) wow that is a giant. (alex) he ain’t going anywhere. Nice job, oh, that’s a big one. that’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen. Woo hoo, get your picture with that one, that’s a big one.

(Adam to Brenda) what do you like about this kind of fishing? (Brenda) the surprise. (adam) you never know what your going to get. Big little, different varieties.

(Jeff) what have you got? (adam) long day today catching black bass, we are after halibut and look at this ugly bugger we’ve got. Beautiful Ling, the only problem, there’s a slot limit, just like the berry. i think he’s going back.

(Adam) he has to be what? (alex) 30-35, he is 37! too bad, we’ve got to throw him back, hate to but we can’t break the law right.

“That thing is huge!”

Clint has the catch of the trip, this 6 foot octopus.

(Clint Eastman, Goal Zero) oh my! (adam) you’ll never catch one of those again. (clint) never in my life. It’s unbelievable. I thought it was just a big piece of kelp bringing it up. Once it got up and saw the boat, it started inking three or four time. but we sent it back to it’s kids. Take care of the babies, my wife would have killed me.

(Adam) so what’s really cool about Pybus is after you go and fish, you can take out a skiff and go fish for what you didn’t catch that day. Brandon is over my shoulder here, got a big halibut on the line. Get him! (brandon) We got him.

(Adam) is this the best pull you’ve had so far? (brandon) oh absolutely, he’s coming up. oh maybe. come on. (clint) he’s going to go for a run again. (Brandon) oh no please. (laughs and FISH TAKES OFF and about pulls Brandon in!) oh there he goes, I’ve got you. taken a run back to the bottom. (brandon) oh dude, he’s swimming to the middle. man I’ve got the shakes. (adam) you what? (brandon’s face) already shaking Laughs it’s going to be a long west with this thing. be interesting to see how big it is.

We’ve are literally five minutes from the lodge and brandon is in the fight of the trip. This fish has all of our adrenaline pumping and he’s coming to the surface.

(Jeff) can you walk to the other side of the boat? (adam tries to gaffe, fish takes off back to the bottom) (laughing) what are we doing? That will wear him out. (adam) I’ve got to get this hook in him.

(Brandon Sparrow, G.M. Camp Chef) couple of us guys going out, we are in a skiff, little tiny boat. the boat is doing 360’s moving all over from the halibut, it was awesome. you can’t recreate it, it was just so fun.

(brandon grunts) oh you guys. (adam) he’s worn out. (brandon) my back is freaking burning. (clint) land it brandon. (brandon) i’ll get him, just give me a minute.

(Brandon) open your mouth! (fish thrashes and runs) oh crap, no, no, no, no. That doesn’t feel good whatever he’s hitting on the boat. (adam) did he get off? (brandon) no.

90 pound braid and a heavy rod is no match for this barn door. It’s been about 15 minutes and that’s twice, we’ve failed to land this fish.

(jeff to adam) you might have to be more aggressive Adam. (adam) I know.

(Brandon) I think we are good we don’t want to knock the hook out. (adam) that’s what I’m worried about.

(Brandon) let me get him up, let me get him up. Make it happen! (gaffe fish) (lifiting fish) (brandon) watch out when he comes on. (adam) watch out! (Brandon) Oh buddy. (fish freaking out)

(Adam) wooo! (high fives) biggest fish of the trip! Nice job Brandon! (high fives) What a slug! (brandon) that thing was crazy.

(TAG with Brandon after big halibut) that was awesome. (adam) that was cool and to do it by ourselves. (brandon) in a little tiny skiff, it was making our boat do three sixties and all kinds of craziness. (adam) biggest fish of your life? (brandon) biggest fish of my life for sure, yeah pretty fish. (adam) that’s why you go to Pybus Point, you go out catch salmon all day, come out by yourself and catch halibut in the evening, right before dinner. (brandon) big halibut. (adam) that was awesome. Hey we’ll have more here from Pybus in just a moment but first back to the guys at Fish Tech for some more fish tales.

(adam) Welcome back to Pybus Point, back here in Alaska, I’m Adam Eakle along with Brandon Sparrow with Camp Chef. Brandon, part of the fun of coming up to Pybus is the guests get to go out and catch what they eat. so, you’re wife went out and caught some crab and some jumbo shrimp right there. (brandon Sparrow, G.M. Camp Chef) look at some of those, huge! (adam) let’s go cook them up. (brandon) let’s do it.

(CJ Webb, Pybus Point Lodge) We incorporate the food that is available here, the fish, the crab, the shrimp, even the octopus. He’ll throw into an absolutely great meal.

(Adam, Brandon Sparrow, GM Camp Chef, John Diamond, Chef/Captain Pybus Point Lodge) so brandon you brought up a huge four burner? (brandon) yeah this is one of the new things Camp Chef is going into. Everybody has always asked for a four burner. So we finally made a four burner range. Sits out on the deck. You can put any of your three burner accessories on it, fits really well. Today we are showing it with a BBQ box, with a stainless lid, gives it a classy look and we have our pot on this side, we have some water in it, we are going to be doing some crab in. (adam) and John Diamond, one of the chefs up here, good to see you. What have we got. (john) well we’ve got some marinated shrimp. We just caught this a few minutes ago. We peeled it, we’ve got a marinade we put in, it’s dijon mustard, honey, a little bit of rosemary and cyan pepper. So we’ve already got the heat on it, just pop them on the grill there. (adam) not very long right? (john) nope.

(Diamond) just a couple of minutes and we’re ready to eat shrimp on the BBQ. (adam) as a Chef you’ve got to love a place like this where everything is so fresh. (john) yes, the seafood is amazing here, each night we get to taste something different. Something great, great place to eat seafood each night. (adam) last year we did believe smoke salmon in the Camp Chef Smoke Vault. (john) we did, we’ve done ribs, briscuit, chicken, everything you can imagine. Then we turned it into the best smoked salmon cookers we’ve got up here. We use alder as the wood we have, but it’s great tasting. (adam) now you have some more equipment, more recipes to come. (john) yes, we are excited. (adam) get up and enjoy, not only the fishing, but the food on some Camp Chef products. Well have more from Pybus here in a moment, but first lets dive into tonights Utah Field Guide.

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