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Thanks for tuning into KSL Outdoors, I’m Adam Eakle and welcome to Strawberry Reservoir, it’s a winter wonderland. Les with the Utah Snowmobiling Association. What are we doing today? (Les Thompson, USA) We are going out for a ride. We are going to hit a couple of poker run stops, out to the warming hut to a nice warm fire. Warm, it sounds good. It was minus eight when we pullled into the parking lot. Let’s go get onto the trail huh? Alright. >

(Jeffery Eddings, President Utah Snowmobile Association) This is the first time we’ve done this, this is a USA poker run ride.

(Jeffery Eddings, President Utah Snowmobile Association) Usually we have a ride for the USA members, but this year we decided to do something a little bit different. Where we invite the public out. We want to get the public out to see what organized snowmobiling is all about.

The Utah Snowmobile Association is the parent organization of four Utah clubs. The Golden Spike Snowmobile Club out of Ogden, the Davis County Snowmobile Club, Chalk Creek riders out of Coalville, and the Salt Lake Valley Club.

We go back to Washington D.C. every year. We talk to our legislatures there. We tell them stuff that is going on…..

with snowmobiling in the state of Utah. We also attend the ISC, which is the International Snowmobiling Congress every year. It’s at different places. That’s where the leadership from all around the world. There is people from Russia, Norway, sweden there, Canada and we just talk snowmobilie issues.

the mission of USA is to promote safe snowmobiling. We want to have snowmobiling for obviously ourselves, our kids our grandkids, into the future. There is a lot of associations, or different organizations out there that would like to see snowmobilies banned from the National Forest or any public lands. We are here to try and keep that open for snowmobiling. We should all be able to share the land equally.

(Les Thompson, Utah Snowmobiling Association) What a beautiful ride over the top of that ridge. How’s the snow? it’s excellent, excellent. You couldn’t ask for a better day. It’s warm, so to speak and the snow is perfect. Got a good base. Excellent base.

(Bryan Turnblom, Davis County Snowmobile Club) it’s a lot of fun, great activity for the family, brought the boy and enjoy the friends.

(Bryan Turnblom) go out together, it’s safer, it’s ten times the fun. We snowmobiled for three years without the club, was ready to quite because we are not that good. Jumped into the club and it’s fantastic.

(Jeffery Eddings) the local clubs themselves, they do more projects, they’ll take care of the warming huts here. SL Valley actually takes care of the Willow Creek warming hut here every year. They stock it with firewood, paint it. Golden Spike we do a trash pickup over Trappers loop. Monte Cristo parking lot. We also help out with marking trails.

(Jeffery Eddings) We do a lot of things in the community. Davis County for example, they put on a ride for disabled children every year. Camp ride.

(Brian Campbell, Kearns Snowmobiler) It’s a great organization. It helps bring people together

It’s really good family entertainment. I started my kids doing it when they were young.

lot of families like to go on one big cruise every year or one big trip. We try to go out every single weekend we can

Gary Perigo, Golden Spike Snowmobiling Association) I joined the GSSA, the Golden Spike Snowmobiling Association in like 88, 87, somewhere along there.

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