KSL Outdoors: Winter Powell

My favorite place to fish is Lake Powell and it might surprise you, I like fishing here in the winter, especially for stripped bass. The fishing can be really good, the lake is nearly void of visitors, and that can make it so appealing.

(Adam) February 6th and it’s probably 35 degrees out here, not a bad morning. (richard) not for February.

Fishing this time of year can be challenging however. Finding the fish is your first obstacle.

(Adam and Rich) so people want to catch stripers, the easiest way to catch them? (rich) Probably the easiest way to get started down here is to get trolling. Come down here, find yourself some Lucky Craft, Rapalas, something that is going to dive 12-15 feet deep. Look for areas where you are in areas of 15-45 feet of water.

(Adam) well lets see if it works. (rich) sounds good/

(Adam) oh man, this is a good fish, fighting good.

(Adam) this is a three to four pound fish, he’s pulling some drag.

(Josh) do you want the net? (adam) yeah we’d better.

(Josh tries to net fish, misses) (nets fish) (adam) heavy bugger isn’t he. (josh) Jumper.

We caught a few stripers trolling just off the buoy field in Bullfrog bay, but the most productive area for us was in the back of some of the major canyons where the bottom depth starts to shallow from seventy to about twenty feet.

(Rich) I got one! (adam) do you? (rich) stop us there and maybe I can bring them to the boat.

(Rich) Watch your graph, if you are seeing fish, keep trying it. When you hook up, have other people in the boat ready with something like a spoon. Like we have right here. A kastmaster is a good example.

(rich off cam) there we go! That’s a little better one.

(Rich) As you are reeling that fish in, the rest of the school is going to follow it in and they’ll follow it and come right up underneath your boat. so if the other guys in the boat, drop these spoons down, those fish are going to swim right into them and sometimes you can just load up on fish for a few minutes and then the school will disperse and you go back to trolling.

(Rich) I just speed reeled up probably 7-8 feet off the bottom and paused and that’s when he grabbed it.

(Fish to surface) (rich) that’s more like it. Yeah not bad.

(Adam) The health of the fish, look really good. (rich) Yeah we had a re-set on the south end of the lake. Up here in the North, they maintained good health up here. They’ve got good shad numbers. They’ve got food to eat, so they are doing quite well.

(nats into live well) Make good dinner tonight.

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