KSL Outdoors: Youth Waterfowl Hunt

Thanks for tuning into KSL Outdoors, I’m Adam Eakle. You know one of my favorite times of years is taking the kids out on their first hunt and tomorrow is? (kids) Youth duck hunt. (adam) that’s right, the youth duck hunt kicks off tomorrow we are in our fourth year teaming up with Avery and we are kicking tonights show off at Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que.

(Tony Sargent, G.M. Famous Dave’s BBQ in Layton) Tonight we served our famous feast which includes our award winning ribs, chicken, brisket, fries coleslaw, beans.

(Rob Friedel) We have three first time duck hunters tomorrow and we have two that are a little more experienced, so it should be awesome.>

(Tony Sargent) If we can help out the kids and get them involved in hunting and extra curricular things, we are all over that.

(Rob Fridel) Who’s excited to go duck hunting?

(Rilee) Rilee is! (rob) there we go, ok

(Rob Friedel) couple of things I want you to think about tonight.

(Rob Friedel) First think about shooting a limit of ducks, because that’s really cool. Second of all I want everybody to come to the blind tomorrow with one way you are going to be safe in the blind.

(Rob Friedel) they are not going to shoot over anybodies head, they are going to be safe and practice muzzle control. Ok?

(Adam) are you excited for tomorrow? (Rilee Cole, first time waterfowl hunting) Yeah I am. (adam) what’s your goal? (riley) to shoot all seven with one shot! (adam) what! (riley) i’m just kidding.

(Rob) yeah they are going to have a great time. The airboats are gassed up, we are ready to rock, it’s going to be a fun time, if nothing else it’s going to be a great boat ride, going to see some really cool stuff tomorrow.>

Rob and Josh Noble with Avery Outdoors have hosted this hunt for five years and every year.

(Rob) there you go. (haylee) thank you. (rob) a big pack, your welcome.

The kids are geared up.

And for most, taken on their first airboat ride.

(Josh Noble, Avery Outdoors) This Avery Youth Power hunt is just a great way to encompass, get youth out here, get them successful, have a good time. The airboats, the camaraderie is just icing on the cake and if you get to shoot a duck or two that’s even that much the better

(Rob) coming back around. You guys ready for this single?

The Mosquitoes were out in full force. We hoped the ducks would follow suit.

(Rob) deks, deks, kill them Kelton. (shots) nice shot. (chad) Nice shot buddy.

(Rob) come fetch it up. good girl Rue. (nats dog) Good girl, hold, hold.>

(Josh) If we don’t keep doing this, get the kids away from the X-boxes and out in the marsh we are going to loose it all together.

The shooting was a bit tough today, at times the ducks were either too far.

(kelton raises gun) (rob) nope! (laughs)

(Rob) ok, swinging from the right guys.

(Rob) Get them Haylee, get them! (shots, not good cam) good shot Riley. (rob) kill them, kill them. To the right Mason.

(Rob) to the right Mason. One more Mason, one more. (shots)

(Mason Cole) I’m out! Where’s the shells? (chad) what the heck dude? (mason) I was aiming right at it.

(Rob) place! good girl, give, good girl. Who shot that duck? Riley did. (rob) riley shot it. First duck for Riley is a cinnamon teal.

(Riley Cole) I think it’s fun, I like to do it with other people. I think its fun to see all the animals, see how they react to everything. (adam) more girls could do this? (rilee) yup, I know they can.

(Rob) shh. Everybody stay down. (nats calling geese)

(rob) you guys ready? Kill him. (shots) lead him, lead him. No Kayla, no Kayla. (nats calling)

(Adam) What happened there? come on Mr. Reliable. (kelton Friedel) my gun wasn’t loaded. (laughs) it shot, but there were blanks, I don’t know.>

Every kid got a shot, some their first ducks, and all had a little fun in the mud that day.

(Adam) I’m just waiting for her to fall in the mud. (dad) you’re not going to wait long. (haylee falls laughs)

(Adam) little slow shooting today. (kelton) yeah a little bit. (adam) dude, I was relying on you to take that goose down. What happened? (kelton) I was looking into the sun. (adam) uh huh, excuses, excuses, typical teenager. I’ve watched this kid grow up and he’s turned into quite a good waterfowler and that’s what this is about, getting these kids out and experiencing something, a little mud in their blood, turning a little light on so they get excited to come out and do this. More coming up from the marsh in a moment, but first tonights quiz question.

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