KSL Outdoors:Turkey Hunting with Kings Camo

(Adam) Thanks for tuning into KSL Outdoors, I’m Adam Eakle. (tonya) and I’m Tonya Kieffer. (adam) Well as you can tell Tonya has her santa hat on so it must mean two things, one it’s Christmas time and two. (tonya) we are teaming up with the Pritchett boys and SFW and Sportman’s Warehouse and we are giving away two turkey hunts to two very lucky young men. (adam) that’s right let’s go meet them.

For 13 years, brothers Mike and Kevin Pritchett along with many friends have been opening up their hearts to introduce disabled kids to the outdoors.

(Kevin Pritchett, KINGS Camo) We’ve been really having fun doing it, taking these kids out and showing them how to shoot a turkey. Waylen Pritchett, Mike’s son, Kevin’s nephew is following in their footsteps.

(Waylen Pritchett, Turkey Guru) Hi Kayden, how are you? What’s up buddy. Got a surprise for you.

(Brett Buehner, Kaden’s Stepdad) Kaden has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. It’s the worst form of Muscular Dystrophy. The doctor told us, these kids don’t live past 24. Being young parents as we were we were shaken and shocked and didn’t know how to take it.

(Vanessa Buehner, Kaden’s mom) It was the worst day of my life.

(Vanessa Buehner) He was only 6, they started him on steroids, they basically said he’ll be in a wheelchair by 9. Last year when he turned 9 I was like his life is over. What’s going to happen? but yet he still keeps going, he keeps us going.

(Waylen) Can you read that for me Kaden?

(Kaden Farshchian, 10 years old) I wanted to inform you that you are going on a fully guided turkey hunt this spring and a fishing trip to Strawberry this summer. (family) Oh. Hope you have a merry Christmas.

(Waylen) that’s where this other gift might come in handy.

Sportsman for Fish and Wildlife, gave Kaden a brand new Remington Youth 20 Gauge shotgun, knives, and hats for his hunt.

(Kevin Pritchett) we are at the Kings outlet here in Pleasant Grove.

(Ryan Foutz, Manager Kings Camo) Hey I’d just like to welcome everybody to Kings Camo tonight we’ve got a couple of special kids here tonight that we are gong to take care of, so thank you for coming.

The family was given V.I.P. treatment at Kings Camo.

(Kevin Donahue, Donahue Welding) here’s a pole and then here is a whole bunch of fishing gear.

Kaden was given a complete fishing outfit from Kevin Donahue.

(Ryan Foutz) like a 10/12 maybe? (vanessa) yeah. (ryan) we’ll do those and he and his family were outfitted head to toe in Kings camo.

(Kevin Pritchett, Owner Kings Camo) I took on Kings last year and we are doing good and I enjoy it and to be able to enjoy something, a business that you enjoy the hunting outdoors hunting industry and to be able to share it with others is a neat experience and the community still wasn’t done.

(Kim Swank, Camping Manager Sportsman’s Warehouse) are you going to wear socks like that?

Sportsman’s Warehouse stepped up as well.

(Kim Swank, Camping Manager Sportsman’s Warehouse) it just feels good to help out the community. A good thing to do to be honest with you. They gave the boys boots, targets, dvd’s, shells and turkey calls for the hunt.

(Mike Pritchett) I was just so happy when he came to me and said dad I want to do my own hunt like you do.

(Waylen Pritchett) My dad has taught me everything I know about turkey hunting. I watch him. I watch my dad and my uncle take these kids every year and I help out as much as I can and I just see the impact that it does on these kids and how it’s a real life changing experience and now that I’ve gotten older and more experienced in turkey hunting I just thought what can I do to help.

(Adam) Not bad boys. What a crew here, a big special thanks to Sportsman’s Warehouse, Kings Camo, everybody that comes and puts this together. Now we’ve just got to get these boys out on the hill.

(tonya) I’m more excited than they are. I’m fixing to get those calls from them and go. (adam) their mothers are going to be pretty excited for us to take those call and go.

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