Rocky Mountain Anglers

“Welcome back, I’m Adam Eakle. For the past two decades an angling group called Rocky Mountain Anglers have been promoting warm water fisheries in the state of Utah and for all of those years they’ve been holding a walleye seminar at the Division of Wildlife Head Quarters. Today, we are going to put some of their tactics to the test and we are going to bring out some new guys and introduce them to the walleye at Starvation Reservoir.”

“This is part of our seminar free trip giveaway we have every year from our walleye seminar. We draw four lucky contestants and they get to spend a day out on the water with a seasoned angler that is supposed to know how to catch walleye.”

“jerry’s got one.”

“RMA promotes our fisheries by education, we have about 10 club ten tournaments every year to promote it and we participate in a lot of projects over the years. A lot of habitat projects, we work on state parks to improve state parks facilities.”

“We use the resource and we feel an obligation to help preserve it and improve it.”

the secret is we’ll go slow and you want to keep this bottom bouncer just to where it’s ticking the bottom, not laying down flat. 40:05 when you drop your rod tip you can feel it ticking and you get some slack.

“Went to the walleye clinic to try to become a better walleye fisherman.”

“i’m always fishing structure.”

“always a hump, a drop off, a windy point, a weed patch, it’s always got to have some structure to it and I never use anything over a quarter ounce jig.”

“Get tons of calls every year of how do I go walleye fishing, what do i use, where are good populations of walleye and that’s what we get into tonight.”

“Starvation is going to be red hot this year.”

“Walleye around the state Willard has been good, they’ve been picking a lot up there. I think people are really interested in how to catch walleye. Yeah Lake Powell is probably the best walleye fishery it’s been in years. “yeah nobody knows about it, it’s a sleeper, there’s not limits and you can catch 40-50 walleye a day, it’s great fishing.”

“it’s different than bass or trout fishing and it’s tough to beat the table fare.”

“They’ve always been my nemesis, were learning the right equipment and the right set up to be able to catch them.”

“little baby walleye, Holy cow, let me get the net.”

“what I like about them is they are challenging to catch. Some days you pull your hair out, but when you find them, you find them.”

“that’s a good walleye there.”

to have a group that is focused on one type fish is a neat thing and to have a group that communicates with each other, they learn from each other.

“this has been good, good to learn.”

“the reason it’s so tough is look at the moon we had, full moon, my gosh look at the feed, why would you want to chase a little worm. “still a good day out there and hopefully everyone had a chance to learn something and if you want to learn something, just check out Rocky Mountain Anglers website at

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