Snapshot of the Week: Aug. 30, 2014

It took eight years for Levi to draw his archery deer tag. With his 5-year-old son in tow, Levi had a couple of shots but couldn’t shoot a deer. Then he came through with this beautiful 4-by-6.

Taysom and Trey Weber had a blast at Strawberry a few weeks ago. Mom says they ended up with a stringer full of rainbows for the grill — and a fun memory.

Andy was watching the Tour of Utah, and he had a fun idea: he grabbed his stationary bike, put it alongside the road, and pedaled with racers as he came by. The smiles on the racer’s faces made it evident they enjoyed the show, and hopefully it gave them a second win.

Kyle decided to get the kids out one last time before school started, and it paid off big time. Haley, Drake and Trey were able to tag team this monster catfish that tipped the scale at almost 25 pounds. After a few quick pictures, they released it to be caught another day.

But our winner tonight hiked 17 miles in just under 10 hours to capture these cool shots of a goat and her kid. Kacey and her husband Andy planned on a short hike, but ended up at Emerald Lake, where they found this mama and her baby.

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