Snapshot of the Week: Dec. 19, 2015

We kick it off with a couple of cute kids that can really shoot. Cody took his two girls out on a cold November cotton tail hunt and let’s just say, these girls can shoot. Cody says, they found the perfect rock pile and stayed all morning as the girls picked off the bunny’s with thei pink cricket 22’s.

Jared’s hunt almost ended before it started as two family members were involved in an ATV accident. But on the fourth day, after hunting hard, Jared was able to bag this heavy three by four, his biggest to date. He was glad to have his family by his side to share the moment.

After watching her younger brother take a nice buck on the opening morning of the Utah deer hunt, Shaylee was not to be outdone as she followed up with a nice buck of her own a few days later. Ken says, sharing time with the family in Utah’s mountains and taking two nice bucks is just icing on the cake.

Check out this nice four by five Jasmine took while hunting with her boyfriend. This is Jasmine’s first buck, her boyfriend also got a good buck on the hunt. Jasmine is already planning for next years hunt.

13 year old Trevor shot his first buck, along with the support of his little sister Sophia, and 6 year old brother Trent. Trevor is blazing the way for his younger siblings, and 10 year old Sophia, can’t wait for her turn!

But our winner tonight endured terrible conditions but still had a great hunt. Sterling and a buddy hunted the high country of Wyoming this year. They spent most of their time in the tent due to a freak September storm. Finally one evening just before dark, they found this giant buck and after a quick decision Sterling’s hunt was over. Sterling says it may have been cold, windy, wet and miserable, but he can’t wait to do it again. A great buck, a great shot Sterling as you now have our big prize to take with you the next time you head into the backcountry as you just won…our snapshot of the week.

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