Snapshot of the Week: July 25, 2015

We kick it off with a huge berry koke. Hunter and his family just started fishing for kokanee. They were up at Strawberry two weeks ago when three of their down rigger rods went off. Everyone scrambled to grab a rod, Hunter fought this beast for four minutes before he brought the 4 pound, 8 ounce koke to the boat. Hunter says, it was an outdoor experience he won’t forget.

Gaylord was down in Southern Utah when he spied this herd of elk with ten spotted calves taking a break. Gaylord was able to sneak in for this cool shot, but says, “(He) kept his distance because the cows were acting a bit nervous.

Check out this buck Gina found taking a break under the trap. Gina found this buck in her Evanston neighborhood, and if you look closely, you can see another under the tree. Gina says wildlife like this makes her love living in Evanston.

On a daddy daughter date, Kevin and his daughter Jerzee decided to go riding to the Gordon Creek Falls in between Price and Helper. As you can tell, Jerzee loves to pose for the camera. Jerzee had a blast putting her feet in the water, and “accidentally” lost her flip-flop over the top of the falls. Kevin says Jerzee, found it pretty hilarious watching him trying to get her flip-flop out. It made for an awesome day.

And finally our winner tonight had the last laugh on this boat. Peyton in the San Diego Padre hat, his brother Cole and dad Devin were up fishing with their buddy Kevin when Peyton latched into another fish. Thinking it was a just a pup, the boys started harassing Peyton as they watched him struggle to bring the fish to the surface. Boy were they surprised when this 30 pound laker came to the boat. It was by far bigger than anything they’d caught all day. Peyton was all smiles after they let the big fish go and now this kid can keep smiling, as his big catch, just landed him our big prize for having the snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures or video, plus a brief explanation of your latest adventures online at The winner each week wins the new, just released Stryker backpacking stove. Camp Chef celebrating 25 years of making stoves for the backcountry and the back patio.

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