Snapshot of the Week: Oct. 3, 2015

We kick it off with a return to Brown Duck Basin high in the Unitas. Matthew took his 8 year old son Max back to the same lakes his dad had taken him years ago. Matthews dad pass away prematurely and Max never met his grandpa. While they fished, Matt told his son all about dear old dad and now his son, knows his grandpa a little better. Matthew says fishing made him love his dad more and now it’s helping Matt love his son even more.

Tyler waited 13 years for his mountain goat. This September found his brother Austin and his Dad by his side, 12 miles in the backcountry of the Unitah’s for his hunt. On the second day with his dad on the scope guiding him in, Tyler bagged this beautiful billy. Tyler says this was the most exhausting hunt they’ve ever done, but well worth the wait to hunt with his dad and brother.

Between college courses in high school and being on the cross country team Bridgely had limited time to hunt. This bull came in silent to her dad and her cow calls and bolted. A few more calls and the bull came back and Bridgely dropped it with one shot. One of those proud dad moments.

This is Ashley First big game animal she’s ever taken. She drew a Manti elk tag at the hunt expo and after Travis dragged her into some steep canyon after some screaming bulls, Ashley was questioning elk hunting sanity but was able to take this bull at 75 yards. Thanks to family and friends, they were able to get him out in one full trip.

But our winner tonight drove 13 hours, 40 miles of which were on dirt roads and hiked several more miles to catch a huge rare trout. Jason says this big bull trout was caught on his fly rod with a size 16 barbless hook. He says what an incredible experience to catch this rare large fish, he and and his friend were amazed to see such a fish in such a small river. Jason says, he landed the trout as fast as possible, snapped a few photos and sent him on his way. And now, you’ll have our great prize to pack with you Jason, the next time you tackle a bull trout, as you just won…our snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures or video, plus a brief explanation of your latest adventures online at The winner each week wins the new, just released Camp Chef Stryker backpacking stove.

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